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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​At the department of Agriculture and Water Resources, our work makes a difference every day.

We drive reforms to biosecurity and export regulations and set government policy on drought, fisheries and natural resource management. We m​anage our scarce water resources and maintain & secure new market’s for Australia’s agricultural exports.

Take a look at our job profiles to get a flavour of just some of the exciting roles waiting for you at the department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

Whether it be through a permanent position, graduate placement, temporary employment opportunity or another of the department’s employment programs, there are a number of ways you can join our team. Which will you choose?

The department offers a range of employment opportunities in a number of different fields and locations, both in Australia and overseas. Around 58 per cent of our Australian-based employees work outside of Canberra in capital cities and regional offices, major airports, mail centres, shipping ports, laboratories and abattoirs.

We have a diverse, capable, engaged and flexible workforce and our work is critical to implementing key government priorities, such as the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper.

So come and join our team and be part of our story.

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Contact us​

P: 1800 900 090

Job profiles

Explore the stories and experiences of some of our people...

Matt – Polic​y Officer

link to video on youtube 

Matt – Video transcriptPDF Icon Word [21 KB]

Jean – Biosecurity Officer

link to video on youtube 

Jean – Video transcriptPDF Icon Word [21 KB]

Adrian – Laboratory Manager

link to video on youtube 

Adrian – Video tra​nscriptPDF Icon Word [21 KB]

Claire – Policy Officer

link to video on youtube 

Claire – Video transcriptPDF Icon Word [21 KB]

Daryl – Team Leader

link to video on youtube 

Daryl – Video transcriptPDF Icon Word [21 KB]

Or visit the departments Youtube channel for more videos and information.