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Account numbers

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Why has my account number changed?

We are enabling clients to pay for services online. This has meant a necessary change to our client references, from alphanumeric codes (e.g. COM012345) to numeric codes (e.g. 10010123456).

Keep an eye out for both old and new references on your statements of account during the first half of 2016 as we phase out the old alphanumeric codes.

Can I use the online payment service to pay an invoice with an old reference number (e.g. AIMSN1111111)?

No. To pay an old invoice, please contact AR Helpdesk and ask for a reprint of the invoice. Invoice reprints will contain the new references and payment details.

I’ve received a receipt for a payment, but the invoice number listed does not match the invoice I paid.

Your payment will have been applied to the correct invoice even if the receipt shows an old alphanumeric code. If you are concerned, please contact AR Helpdesk to confirm that the correct invoice was paid.

General accounting

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I requested a copy of an invoice through the payment portal, which email will it go to?

Invoice copies requested through the online payment service will go the default email on your account. If you need to update the default email, or if you would like an invoice copy sent to a different email address, please contact AR Helpdesk (1800 647 531).

Can I pay a specific invoice or invoices?

If you need to pay a specific invoice or invoices, you will need to pay each invoice individually online using a credit card, or pay through BPAY. If you are paying multiple invoices on a regular basis, then consider paying your statement balance using EFT.

Can I still pay into the old AQIS account?

The new account is preferred for payments to the department, however, the old account will remain active throughout the transition period. You can still pay directly to the AQIS account (BSB: 092009, Acc: 116296), but be aware that there will be a delay in processing these payments as they will need to be manually allocated.

How do I take up credit on my account?

If there is unallocated credit on your account, you will need to contact AR Helpdesk to have the credit applied.

Can I still pay with a credit card over the phone?

No. All credit card payments must be made using the secure online payment service. Online payment is more secure and efficient as payments are processed instantly, without the need for manual intervention.

The BSB on my invoice is not recognised by my accounting software. How do I fix this?

It may be necessary to update the BSB table in your software, as the BSB on your invoice was established quite recently. The BSB details can be found in the Australian Payments Clearing Association BSB Data.


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What bank account should I pay into?

The new bank account details are on the second page of your tax invoice, under ‘EFT’ in the ‘How to pay’ box. Please note that these details have changed and are now specific to your account. The payment reference will also change with each invoice.

If I am paying to the new EFT account, do I still need to supply a remittance advice?

No. Payments into the new account will be automatically allocated.

How will my EFT payments be allocated?

Our system checks incoming payments to see whether the amount matches your statement balance (including credits) or an individual invoice amount. Payments that do not match the statement balance or a single invoice are applied to the oldest outstanding invoices (excluding credits).

When should I start paying to the new EFT account?

You can start using the new account details as soon as you receive your new invoice.


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Can I pay multiple invoices using BPAY?

Yes, you can pay multiple invoices by using your new account code (e.g. 102010100000) as the BPAY reference. Payments made in this way will be allocated in the same way as EFT payments.

I paid multiple invoices in a single BPAY payment but didn’t use our account code as the reference; what will happen to my payment?

The BPAY reference tells our system how to allocate the payment.

  • If you have entered a single invoice number as the reference but the payment amount is greater than the invoice value, then the invoice in the reference will be paid and the remaining credit will be added to your account as unallocated credit. This means that any additional invoices included in the payment will continue to show as unpaid.
  • If the BPAY reference is neither an account code nor an outstanding invoice number, then the payment will sit as unallocated credit on your account and your invoice(s) will continue show as unpaid.

If you think you may have made a mistake with the BPAY reference, please contact AR Helpdesk immediately to correct the payment.