Fees and charges


The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources will levy the following penalties:

Penalty type Fee
Late payment

Export Control (Fees) Orders 2001
Section 47
(1) If fees imposed by these Orders remain unpaid after the time when the payment is due, a penalty fee is imposed calculated at the rate of 20% per year, calculated monthly, on the amount unpaid.

Biosecurity (Cost Recovery) Regulation 2016
Section 9
(1) If a basic fee is not paid by the payment day for the fee, a late payment fee, worked out in accordance with subsection (2), is payable in addition to the basic fee.

(2) The late payment fee is:
0.2 x basic fee x days overdue
days overdue is the number of days after the payment day that elapse before the day on which the basic fee is paid.

Note: For the meaning of basic fee, late payment fee and payment day, see section 86E of the

20% per annum
Interest charge
(Compounded daily until debt is paid)

Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) 90 day bill rates less 0.1%

Withdrawal of service

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources will exercise its right to withdraw services to clients who accumulate debt.

If you have been denied access to a service, please contact Accounts Rec​eivable and Debt Management or on 1800 647 531.