Buying goods online from outside Australia

Before you purchase certain goods from outside Australia, you need to check whether you are allowed to import them. Some goods could carry foreign pests and diseases, so make sure they won’t be more costly and trouble than they're worth. 

You can find information about importing many common goods by using the ​Passenger and mail i​mport inquiry form.

Alternatively, check the Biosecurity Import Conditions system (BICON) which provides comprehensive information on goods and the conditions under which they can be imported.

If your goods are not of biosecurity concern, there may be other restrictions. You should also check:

Assessing your goods for import

When your goods arrive at the Australian border they will be assessed as to whether they can be imported. This assessment includes using detector dogs and X–ray machines at international mail centres around Australia.

Goods that are not permitted into Australia will be forfeited to the Commonwealth and destroyed. Some goods may require treatment (at the importer’s expense) before they are permitted into Australia. The cost of treatment for international mail is A$75 per item. Alternatively, some goods may need to be returned to the sender at a cost of A$95 per item. If any attempt has been made to conceal the goods, for example requesting the supplier to pack goods in a manner designed to hide or make them difficult to identify, the importer may be subject to an investigation and possible criminal prosecution.​