Drivers for Land Management Practices Information

​ACLUMP State and Territory partners have identified the drivers for land management practices information of decision makers, or service providers operating at the property, catchment or state level. A consultative process was undertaken involving government agencies, industry groups, commercial and private organisations, community groups, landholders, regional natural resource management bodies and Landcare groups.

The main drivers identified for land management practices information included:

  • government - policy, legislation and regulation
  • reporting
  • management
  • planning
  • research and modelling
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • awareness and communication
  • industry accreditation and best management practices
  • conservation and resource management

This highlighted the need for information on key management practices related to:

  • protection of native vegetation
  • soil conservation
  • irrigation scheduling and application
  • weed and pest animal control
  • crop rotations
Last reviewed:
04 Feb 2017