Land use data download

​​National scale land use d​a​ta​​

Land use data mapped at the national scale (1:2,500,000) using ABS agricultural commodity data and satellite imagery can be downloaded from ​this page. Table 1 provides links to the datasets and associated documents that should be read before using the data. National land use data is available for the 1992-93, 1993-94, 1996-97, 1998-99, 2000-01, 2001-02, 2005-06 and 2010-11 financial years.

Please note that the 2010-11 and 2005-06 national land use map use version 5 and version 4 of the national mapping methodology, respectively​, while the earlier versions use version 3. The 2010-11 and 2005-06 user guide documents provide more information on the difference between the methodologies.

Table 1: Links to National scale land use data
DatasetYearSummary statisticsMetadataUser guideData download
​National scale land use version 5​2010-11​2010-11 summary statistics  PDF [48 KB]​2010-11 metadata

2010-11 user guide
 PDF [300 KB]
​2010-11 data download​
National scale land use version 42005-06 2005-06 summary statistics  PDF [16 KB] 2005-06 metadata 2005-06 user guide  Word [302 KB] 2005-06 data download
National scale land use version 32001-02 2001-02 summary statistics  PDF [35 KB] 2001-02 metadata  PDF [30 KB] 2001-02 user guide  PDF [236 KB] 2001-02 data download
National scale land use version 32000-01 2000-01 summary statistics  PDF [14 KB] 2000-01 metadata  PDF [30 KB] 2000-01 user guide  PDF [236 KB] 2000-01 data download
National scale land use version 31998-99Not available 1998-99 metadata  PDF [30 KB] 1998-99 user guide  PDF [236 KB] 1998-99 data download
National scale land use version 31996-97 1996-97 summary statistics  PDF [34 KB] 1996-97 metadata  PDF [30 KB] 1996-97 user guide  PDF [236 KB] 1996-97 data dowload
National scale land use version 31993-94Not available 1993-94 metadata  PDF [30 KB] 1993-94 user guide  PDF [236 KB] 1993-94 data download
National scale land use version 31992-93Not available 1992-93 metadata  PDF [30KB] 1992-93 metadata  PDF [30 KB] 1992-93 data download

Catchment scale land use data

Land uses mapped at the more detailed catchment scale (1:20,000-1:250,000) have been collected by the ACLUMP state partners. Land use information at catchment scale has been produced for all states in Australia with dates and scales varying depending on when the data was collected and the intensity of land uses. See Figures 1 and 2 for the dates and scale of mapping.

Figure 1. Map showing the year of catchment scale land use mapping (as at May 2016)

Figure 2. Map showing scale of catchment scale land use mapping (as at May 2016)

Table 2 provides links to catchment scale data and associated reports currently available. Data are available as either a combined 50m raster for all of Australia (includes the most up-to-date data with any holes filled in with ancillary data) or individual polygon datasets by state or region.

Updated mapping is underway in Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and the Northern Territory in 2017.

Table 2. Links to catchment scale land use data
StateDatasetYear of mappingMetadataReportData download
AustraliaCLUM Update May 2016 (combined 50m raster for Australia)1997-2015 CLUM metadatanot available CLUM data
NSWLand Use: New South Wales 2009(ESRI Personal Geodatabase)


1999-2006 NSW metadata
 Word [731 KB]
not available NSW data
Zip [591 MB]
NTLand Use Mapping of the Northern Territory 2008 (LUMP 2008)
(ESRI Shapefile)
2008 NT metadata
 PDF [477 KB]
NT report
 PDF [477 KB]
NT data
QLDLand use mapping – Queensland current (ESRI File Geodatabase)1999-2012To access land use datasets in Queensland we recommend using the Queensland Spatial Catalogue and simply search for 'Land Use Mapping'.
SA​​​Land Use South Australia 2008
(ESRI File Geodatabase)
2007-2008 SA m​eta​​dataNot available SA data
Zip [90 MB]
Land Use 2014 (South East and SA River Murray Corridor)
(ESRI File Geodatabase)​
2014​ South East Metadata South East report
PDF [1.4 MB]​
South East data
Zip [34 MB]​
TASTasmanian 2012-13 Land Use (ESRI File Geodatabase)2009Tasmania metadata​Contact data custodian Tas ​data
Zip [207 MB]
VICVictorian Land Use Information System (VLUIS) 2012-13​ (Note: the VLUIS dataset does not contain the ALUM classification as used in the CLUM product)
 - ALUM v7 conversion revision December 2015 (ESRI GRID zipped format)​

Vi​ctoria  Metadata

Not availableVic data (VLUIS 2012-13)
Vic data​ (VLUIS/ALUM Classified)
Zip [428 MB]
WALand Use in Western Australia, Version 5, (1997)
(ESRI Coverage or Shapefile)
1997 WA (v5) metadata
 PDF [24 KB]
WA (v5) report
 PDF [6 MB]
WA data
Land Use in Western Australia, v7 (2008) (ESRI Shapefile)2008 WA (v7) metadata
 PDF [78 KB]
Not available WA (v7) data
Zip [70 MB]
​'Cape to Cape' Land Use 2014 (ESRI Shapefile)2014​ Cape to Cape metadata
PDF [75KB]​
Not available​ Cape to Cape data
Zip [7.94 MB]​


Last reviewed:
03 May 2017