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Family, locals and backpackers fill farmers’ labour needs

The Demand for farm workers: ABARES farm survey results 2018 report says locals were the most commonly employed workers on farms with backpackers the most common form of overseas workers.
Released 2 October 2019.

Fishery status reports released

The Fishery Status Reports 2019 has delivered generally positive news for wild fish stocks in Australian Government managed fisheries.
Released 27 September 2019.

Opportunities and challenges in uncertain times

The value of farm production is forecast to fall by 5 per cent in 2019–20 to $59 billion, according to the Agricultural Commodities September 2019 report.
Released 17 September 2019.

Varied conditions and modest prospects for winter crops

ABARES’s September 2019 crop report reveals mixed prospects for Australia’s winter crop, according to ABARES acting Executive Director Peter Gooday.
Released 10 September 2019.

High water allocation prices likely to continue in the southern Murray-Darling

Water allocation prices in the southern Murray-Darling Basin are likely to remain high in 2019–20, according to the Water Market Outlook – August 2019 report.
Released 1 August 2019.

Value of commercial plantation harvests at record high

Conditions in Australia’s forestry sector remain favourable, according to the Australian forest and wood products statistics: September and December quarters 2018 report.
Released 20 June 2019.

Exports to fall as herd and flock rebuild commences

In 2019–20 agricultural export earnings are forecast to fall by 5% to $45 billion, according to the latest Agricultural Commodities report released today.
Released 18 June 2019.

A mixed start for Australia’s winter crop season

The Australian crop report’s June 2019 edition reflects mixed conditions across the country and the lower than average performance of the 2018-19 winter crop.
Released 12 June 2019.

Water allocation prices in the southern Murray-Darling Basin unlikely to reach Millennium Drought peaks next year

Water allocation prices in 2019–20 are unlikely to reach the peaks seen during the worst of the Millennium Drought, according to new ABARES research presented today at the Outlook 2019 conference in Canberra.
Released 6 March 2019.

Farm production expected to fall due to drought

In 2018–19 the value of farm production is expected to decline by 4 per cent to $58 billion, according to the latest Agricultural Commodities report​ launched today at the Outlook 2019 conference in Canberra.
Released 5 March 2019.

Tough choices to reach $100 billion by 2030

Making tough choices will be central to Australian agriculture’s continued success, according to ABARES Executive Director, Dr Steve Hatfield-Dodd’s opening address​ at the 2019 ABARES Outlook Conference in Canberra today.
Released 5 March 2019.

Plantations struggle to keep up with growing wood demand

The demand for wood products is forecast to continue to rise towards 2050, based on a report released today.
Released 26 February 2019.

New growth for Australian Forests: report

The State of the Forests Report 2018​ covers all areas of Australia’s forests—public and private forests, forests managed for production and forests managed for conservation—and the full range of social, economic and environmental values.
Released 21 February 2019.

Dry seasonal conditions cut summer crop prospects

Drier and warmer than average seasonal conditions in cropping regions in Queensland and northern New South Wales during December and January reduced prospects of summer crop production in 2018–19 according to the latest Australian Crop Report​.
Released 19 February 2019.

Value of Analysing China’s future agricultural policy

China’s changing agricultural policy presents new opportunities and challenges for Australia’s dairy, grain and meat exporters, according to the “The future of Chinese agricultural policy” report released
Released 14 February 2019.

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