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New growth for Australian Forests: report

The State of the Forests Report 2018​ covers all areas of Australia’s forests—public and private forests, forests managed for production and forests managed for conservation—and the full range of social, economic and environmental values.
Released 21 February 2019.

Dry seasonal conditions cut summer crop prospects

Drier and warmer than average seasonal conditions in cropping regions in Queensland and northern New South Wales during December and January reduced prospects of summer crop production in 2018–19 according to the latest Australian Crop Report​.
Released 19 February 2019.

Value of Analysing China’s future agricultural policy

China’s changing agricultural policy presents new opportunities and challenges for Australia’s dairy, grain and meat exporters, according to the “The future of Chinese agricultural policy” report released
Released 14 February 2019.

Value of Australian fishery and aquaculture production continues to grow

The gross value of Australian fisheries and aquaculture production (GVP) continues to grow according to the ABARES Australian fisheries and aquaculture statistics 2017 report​.
Released 20 December 2018.

Farm financial performance to decline in South-Eastern Australia for 2018–19

Drought conditions in South-Eastern Australia will see the average farm cash income of broadacre farms decline by nearly $70,000 per farm in 2018–19 relative to last year.
Released 19 December 2018.

Young people and women boost Australia’s agricultural workforce

Australia’s agricultural workforce is growing and getting younger, according to the latest ABARES Insights –Snapshot of Australia’s Agricultural Workforce​.
Released 13 December 2018.

Farm production above average despite drought

The December Agricultural Commodities Report says the gross value of Australian farm production is forecast to decrease by 3 per cent to $58 billion in 2018–19.
Released 11 December 2018.

Winter crop production down after poor start to spring

National winter crop production is forecast to be 20 per cent below the 20 year average​, coming in at 29.3 million tonnes for 2018–19, according to the latest Crop Report.
Released 4 December 2018.

Conditions remain favourable for Australia’s forestry sector

Australian Forest and Wood Products Statistics: March and June quarters 2018 highlights continued growth in Australia’s forestry sector thanks to favourable conditions in key markets, particularly housing and international trade>
Released 20 November 2018.

A technological insight into Australian agriculture

ABARES today released a report​ on how information, communication and technology (ICT) is used in Australian agriculture. The report also identifies the key differences in adoption between agriculture sectors and between small and large farms.
Released 1 November 2018.

ABARES Insights on the 2018 drought

A new ABARES update released today​ provides a perspective on the drought, including rainfall deficiencies and its effects on crop production, livestock markets and farm incomes across the nation.
Released 26 October 2018.

Dry September hits winter crop prospects

Australian winter crop prospects deteriorated during early spring following unfavourable seasonal conditions in most cropping regions, according to a preliminary assessment conducted by ABARES.
Released 25 October 2018.

ABARES launches Insights series into Australian agriculture

National agricultural debate, public policy and community understanding will benefit from a series of short, highly accessible insights into Australian agriculture​ launched by ABARES today.
Released 19 October 2018.

Fishery status reports 2018 released

The annual Fishery Status Reports​ has delivered generally positive news for wild fish stocks in Commonwealth-managed fisheries.
Released 28 September 2018.

Latest vegetable farm survey shows incomes increase further in 2017-18

Australian vegetable-growing farms: an economic survey 2016–17 and 2017–18 shows a 12 per cent increase in cash income for Australian vegetable farms to $319,000 per farm in 2017-18. Released 21 September 2018.


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