Studying in Australia

Certain food, plant material and animal items from overseas could introduce serious pests and diseases into Australia, devastating our valuable agriculture and tourism industries and our unique environment.

Products that pose a risk to Australia are managed by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

If you’re coming to study in Australia, it is important to check our requirements when packing your personal items.

Check products you can bring to Australia

You may wish to bring some products that are:

  • not allowed into Australia
  • allowed into Australia, but only if they meet special requirements.

Allowed into Australia

The following commercially prepared and packaged food items do not pose a risk and are permitted. Please note they may be inspected on arrival:

  • breakfast cereals
  • chocolate
  • confectionary (excluding Indian dairy sweets and meat based sweets)
  • instant noodles
  • muesli bars
  • plain bread rolls or buns (without fillings or toppings)
  • tea (black and green tea only)
  • coffee – instant, ground or roasted (excluding Kopi Luwak)
  • white rice.

Household items—such as clothing, bedding and kitchen equipment—must be clean and free from seeds, soil, bark, insects, food residue, animal tissue and plant debris before you bring them to Australia.

Not allowed into Australia

Do not bring:

  • eggs and egg products (including whole, dried and powdered eggs, century eggs, egg based mayonnaise or sauce, custard or egg noodles)
  • dairy products (including milk, cheese, yoghurt and butter)
  • flowers (including fresh cut and dried)
  • food or medicines intended for animals (worming tablets, antibiotics, canned or dried pet food)
  • fruit and vegetables (including dates, apples, bananas and citrus fruit)
  • home-cooked meals (any meals not commercially prepared and packaged)
  • live animals (including mammals, birds’ eggs, insects, amphibians, reptiles, fish or silkworms)
  • plants (including potted plants, cuttings or bulbs)
  • meals or snacks received on your flight (including fruit, yoghurt, milk drinks and sandwiches)
  • meat (including salami, sausages and ham)
  • pulses (including beans, lentils, peas and chick peas)
  • seeds and nuts
  • seeds for planting (including bulbs)
  • soil (including samples, specimens and dirt on equipment or shoes)
  • sporting/camping equipment that is dirty or wet
  • traditional remedies and medicines that contain herbs, animal products or dried medicinal mushroom (strict import conditions apply).

Declare items when you arrive

If you are carrying any food, plant material or animal products when you arrive in Australia, you will need to mark YES on your Incoming Passenger Card.
Not declaring items can result in an on-the-spot fine or prosecution.

If you are unsure of an item, declare it or don’t bring it at all.

Further information

To find detailed import conditions please visit BICON.

Studying in Australia brochure

Information on this web page about what products you can or cannot bring into Australia, is also available in our Studying in Australia brochure.


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