55-2019 - Addition of Indonesia to eCert for Imports

15 April 2019

Who does this notice affect?

Customs brokers and importers who import plant or plant based products, and animal and animal based products from Indonesia requiring government certification.

What has changed?

Effective 29 April 2019, the department will be receiving electronic certification (eCert) issued by Indonesia’s Ministry of Agriculture – Agency for Agricultural Quarantine.

Customs brokers and importers creating Full Import Declarations for products from Indonesia requiring phytosanitary or sanitary certification will be required to enter certificate details into the Integrated Cargo System (ICS) or third party software.

To assist with the expansion of eCert, the department has updated the eCert for imports webpage.  Please go to Electronic Certification (eCert) for imports for further information.

Further information

Please contact eCertimports if you have any questions.