Uncooked prawn consignments

Consignments imported under the enhanced import conditions

  • Enhanced import conditions are facilitating the safe trade in uncooked prawns while Australia undertakes a review of Australia’s import conditions for prawns and prawn products. This includes seals intact inspection and testing of all consignments of unprocessed, uncooked prawns.
  • As at 12 January 2018, 250 consignments have been imported under the enhanced import conditions. 207 consignments have tested negative for white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) and yellow head virus (YHV). 40 consignments are currently held under biosecurity control pending WSSV and YHV test results.
  • Three consignments of imported prawns have tested positive for WSSV since trade has recommenced. These results support the effectiveness of the biosecurity measures implemented by the department.
  • The department has written to the competent authorities of the countries of export, advising them of the positive test results and requesting they investigate the circumstances resulting in WSSV positive prawns being sent to Australia.
  • If a consignment returns a positive test result, it is not released from biosecurity control. Importers have the option to request a retest through the Australian Animal Health Laboratory, re-export, treat or destroy the consignment.
  • The enhanced import conditions will remain in place until the department's review of the biosecurity risks of, and import conditions for, prawns and prawn products for human consumption is finalised.