Seed contaminants and tolerance tables

​​​All seed consignments imported into Australia for all end uses must meet the standards for seed contaminants and tolerances set by Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

These standards are detailed below:

  1. Soil

    Seed must be free of soil. Soil is not always readily visible, but 0.1% has been adopted as the standard maximum tolerance. Seed contaminated with soil above this tolerance must be cleaned, re-exported or destroyed. ​

  2. Important: Levels of soil contamination reported on seed analysis certificates are to be rounded to 1 decimal place for assessment purposes. For example:
    • 0.14 per cent would be rounded down to 0.1 per cent and is therefore, below the tolerance level
    • 0.15 per cent would be rounded up to 0.2 per cent and is therefore, above the tolerance level.

  3. Restricted seeds and seeds with a nil tolerance

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Table 1. Restricted seed contamination tolerances

(expressed as the maximum number of contaminant seeds per kilogram)
Agropyron spp. 35Medicago falcata60
Avena spp.35Medicago glutinosa60
Brachiaria spp. 60Medicago media60
Cajanus spp.60Medicago sativa60
Calopogonium spp. 35Melilotus alba60
Carthamus tinctorius 35Melinis spp.250
Cenchrus spp. (other than C. gracillimus)35Onobrychis spp.250
Centrosema spp. 60Oryza sativa5
Chloris spp.35Panicum spp.250
Citrus spp.NilPennisetum spp. (other than P. macrourum)125
Cyamopsis tetragonolobus 35Phaseolus spp.25
Desmodium spp. 45Pueraria spp.45
Digitaria spp. 125Secale cereale35
Eucalyptus spp. NilSesamum indicum60
Glycine spp.60Setaria spp. (other than S. faberi)250
Gossypium spp. NilSorghum spp. (other than S. almum and S. halepense)35
Hibiscus cannabinus 60Stylosanthes spp.35
Hordeum spp.35Triticum spp. (seed from Karnal bunt countries *)Nil
Lablab purpureus 35Triticum spp. (seed from non-Karnal bunt countries *)35
Lactuca spp.250Vicia spp. (other than V. faba)35
Leucaena spp. 25Vicia fabaNil
Linum usitatissimum 45Vigna spp.25
Lotononis spp. 250x Triticosecale spp. (Triticale) (seed from Karnal bunt countries*)Nil
Manihot esculenta 25x Triticosecale spp. (Triticale) (seed from non-Karnal bunt countries*)35
Zea spp.Nil

*Karnal Bunt (Tilletia indica) is known to occur in the following countries: United States of America, Mexico, Brazil, India, Iran, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, South Africa and Iraq.

Table 2. Seeds with a nil tolerance

Seeds with a nil tolerance include:
  1. Any species listed on BICON as not permitted entry (including but not limited to those listed in Table 2)
  2. Any species not listed on BICON or specified in a list prepared by the Director of Biosecurity and published on the Agriculture Department’s website
  3. Any seed that cannot be identified to species level
  4. Any species listed in the table below when being imported into the defined state. Note: For all other states and territories these species are permitted entry as contaminants.
Seed State
Convolvulus arvensisWestern Australia, South Australia, Victoria
Galium aparineWestern Australia
Galium spuriumTasmania
Galium tricornutumWestern Australia, Tasmania, certain parts of South Australia

Contaminant seeds not listed on BICON or not identified to species level require an assessment by the department's Plant Import Operations Program prior to any action being taken.

The following table is not an exhaustive list of weed species. Please search BICON to determine whether a particular species is permitted entry or not.

Botanical name
Abrus precatorius
Abrus precatorius
Abrus schimperi
Acacia abyssinica
Acacia adenocalyx
Acacia adhaerens
Acacia albida
Acacia amazonica
Acacia amythethophylla
Acacia ancistroclada
Acacia andamanica
Acacia andongensis
Acacia ankokib
Acacia antunesii
Acacia arabica
Acacia arenaria
Acacia articulata
Acacia asak
Acacia ataxacantha
Acacia atramentaria
Acacia bahiensis
Acacia bavazzanoi
Acacia berlandieri
Acacia bonariensis
Acacia borleae
Acacia brevispica
Acacia bricchetiana
Acacia bullockii
Acacia burkei
Acacia burttii
Acacia buruei
Acacia bussei
Acacia caesia
Acacia caffra
Acacia callicoma
Acacia caraniana
Acacia catechu
Acacia caven
Acacia cavenia
Acacia chariessa
Acacia cheilanthifolia
Acacia chiapensis
Acacia ciliolata
Acacia cochliacantha
Acacia concinna
Acacia condyloclada
Acacia constricta
Acacia cornigera
Acacia coulteri
Acacia crassifolia
Acacia curvifructa
Acacia davyi
Acacia dolichocephala
Acacia dolichostachya
Acacia drepanolobium
Acacia dudgeoni
Acacia eburnea
Acacia edgeworthii
Acacia ehrenbergiana
Acacia elatior
Acacia emoryana
Acacia eriocarpa
Acacia erioloba
Acacia erubescens
Acacia erythrocalyx
Acacia erythrophloea
Acacia etbaica
Acacia etilis
Acacia exuvialis
Acacia farnesiana
Acacia fischeri
Acacia fleckii
Acacia furcatispina
Acacia galpinii
Acacia gaumeri
Acacia gerrardii
Acacia glandulifera
Acacia globulifera
Acacia glomerosa
Acacia goetzei
Acacia gourmaensis
Acacia grandicornuta
Acacia grandistipula
Acacia greggii
Acacia gummifera
Acacia haematoxylon
Acacia hamulosa
Acacia harmandiana
Acacia hebeclada
Acacia hebecladoides
Acacia hecatophylla
Acacia hereroensis
Acacia hockii
Acacia horrida
Acacia inopinata
Acacia instia
Acacia jacquemontii
Acacia julifera
Acacia karroo
Acacia kelloggiana
Acacia kirkii
Acacia kirkii x Acacia seyal
Acacia klugii
Acacia kraussiana
Acacia laceran
Acacia laeta
Acacia lahai
Acacia langsdorffii
Acacia lasiopetala
Acacia latistipulata
Acacia latronum
Acacia lenticularis
Acacia leucophloea
Acacia luederitzii var. luederitzii
Acacia luederitzii var. retinens
Acacia lujae
Acacia macalusoi
Acacia macracantha
Acacia macracanthoides
Acacia macrostachya
Acacia macrothyrsa
Acacia manubensis
Acacia martii
Acacia mauroceana
Acacia megalaena
Acacia mellifera
Acacia miersii
Acacia mikanii
Acacia millefolia
Acacia modesta
Acacia moirii
Acacia monacantha
Acacia montigena
Acacia montis-usti
Acacia nebrownii
Acacia negrii
Acacia nigrescens
Acacia nigripilosa
Acacia nilotica
Acacia nubica
Acacia nubica x Acacia paolii
Acacia nyssophylla
Acacia ogadensis
Acacia oliveri
Acacia orfota
Acacia paniculata
Acacia paolii
Acacia pedicellata
Acacia penata
Acacia pennatula
Acacia pentagona
Acacia permixta
Acacia persiciflora
Acacia piauhiensis
Acacia pilispina
Acacia pinguifolia
Acacia planifrons
Acacia plumosa
Acacia pluriglandulosa
Acacia polyacantha
Acacia polyphylla
Acacia pseudo-arabica
Acacia pseudofistula
Acacia pseudointsia
Acacia quintanilhae
Acacia raddiana
Acacia recurva
Acacia redacta
Acacia reficiens subsp. reficiens
Acacia rehmanniana
Acacia rigidula
Acacia riparia
Acacia robusta
Acacia robynsiana
Acacia roemeriana
Acacia rovemae
Acacia rugata
Acacia sarcophylla
Acacia schlechteri
Acacia schweinfurthii
Acacia scorpioides
Acacia senegal
Acacia serra
Acacia seyal var. fistula
Acacia seyal var. seyal
Acacia sieberiana var. sieberiana
Acacia sieberiana var. villosa
Acacia sieberiana var. woodii
Acacia smallii
Acacia somalensis
Acacia sphacelata subsp. recurva
Acacia sphaerocephala
Acacia spirocarpa
Acacia stuhlmannii
Acacia suma
Acacia sundra
Acacia swazica
Acacia tanganyikensis
Acacia taylorii
Acacia tenuispina
Acacia tephrodermis
Acacia thomasii
Acacia tomentosa
Acacia torrei
Acacia tortilis
Acacia tortuosa
Acacia turnbulliana
Acacia velutina
Acacia walwalensis
Acacia welwitschii
Acacia wrightii
Acacia xanthophloea
Acacia zanzibarica
Acacia zizyphispina
Acaena adscendens
Acaena affinis
Acaena basibullata
Acaena caesiglauca
Acaena cuneata
Acaena decumbens
Acaena fissistipula
Acaena inermis
Acaena laevigata
Acaena magellanica
Acaena nudicaulis
Acaena ovalifolia
Acaena ovalis
Acaena pinnatifida
Acaena saccaticupula
Acaena sericea
Acalypha alopecuroides
Acalypha ciliata
Acalypha fallax
Acalypha segetalis
Acanthopanax sciadophylloides
Acanthosicyos naudinianus
Acanthostyles buniifolius
Achillea aleppica
Achillea vermicularis
Achillea falcata
Achillea sulphurea
Achyranthes aspera
Achyranthes philoxeroides
Achyranthes repens
Acokanthera lamarckii
Acokanthera oppositifolia
Acokanthera venatorium
Acokanthera venenata
Aconitum brachynasum
Aconitum cammarum
Aconitum carmichaelii
Aconitum caucasicum subsp. pubiceps
Aconitum caucasicum var. tuscheticum
Aconitum ferox
Aconitum krylovii
Aconitum kusnezoffii
Aconitum nasutum
Aconitum orientale
Aconitum pubiceps
Aconitum rotunidifolium
Aconitum soongaricum
Aconitum tuscheticum
Aconitum variegatum
Aconitum volubilis
Acourtia microcephala
Acroptilon repens
Actaea alba
Actaea elata
Actaea pachypoda
Actaea rubra
Actaea spicata
Acuan bicornutum
Acuan incurva
Acuan palmeri
Acuan pumilum
Acuan sublatum
Acuan virgatum
Adenostyles alpina
Adenostyles briquetii
Adenostyles viridis
Adonanthe sibirica
Adonis macrocarpa
Adonis sibirica
Adonis wolgensis
Aegilops spp.
Aeluropus brevifolius
Aeluropus concinnus
Aeluropus erythraeus
Aeluropus laevis
Aeluropus lagopoides
Aeluropus littoralis
Aeluropus mucronatus
Aeluropus pungens
Aeluropus repens
Aeluropus villosus
Aeschynomene schimperi
Agalinis paupercula
Ageratina adenophora
Ageratina aromatica
Agrimonia pilosa
Agropyron antarticum
Agropyron araucanum
Agropyron attenuatum
Agropyron bourgeaei
Agropyron distans
Agropyron fueianum
Agropyron glaucum
Agropyron hordeaceum
Agropyron lasianthum
Agropyron magellanicum
Agropyron orientale subsp. distans
Agropyron orientale var. lanuginosum
Agropyron orientale var. lasianthum
Agropyron patagonicum
Agropyron pubiflorum
Agropyron remotiflorum
Agropyron semicostatum
Agropyron tsukushiense
Agropyron villosum
Agrostis monostachya
Aira canescens
Albuca aurea
Aleurites saponaria
Aleurites trisperma
Alhagi maurorum
Alhagi pseudalhagi
Alhagi pseudalhagi
Alkanna graeca
Allamanda laevis
Allium altaicum
Allium bolanderi
Allium brahuicum
Allium brevistylum
Allium caspium
Allium cassium
Allium caucasium
Allium ceratophyllum
Allium chamarense
Allium chanetii
Allium derderianum
Allium dshungaricum
Allium ericetorum
Allium flavidum
Allium forestii
Allium globosum
Allium gmelinianum
Allium grayi
Allium hookeri
Allium iatasen
Allium latissimum
Allium ledebourianum
Allium macrostemon
Allium marschallianum
Allium microdictyum
Allium nereidum
Allium nipponicum
Allium ochotense
Allium ouensanense
Allium pseudoflavum
Allium pskemense
Allium sapidissimum
Allium saxatile
Allium semenovii
Allium stamineum
Allium stevenii
Allium subvillosum
Allium szovitsii
Allium tristylum
Allium uratense
Allium victorialis
Allium vineale
Allium wenchuanense
Allium winklerianum
Allium zaprjagajevii
Allmania nodiflora
Alomia spilanthoides
Alopecurus armenus
Alopecurus arundinaceus
Alopecurus brachystachyus
Alopecurus candicans
Alopecurus castellanus
Alopecurus elatior
Alopecurus exaltatus
Alopecurus lasiostachyus
Alopecurus muticus
Alopecurus nigrescens
Alopecurus nigricans
Alopecurus repens
Alopecurus ruthenicus
Alopecurus salvatoris
Alopecurus sibiricus
Alopecurus ventricosus
Alstroemeria pygmaea
Alternanthera achytantha
Alternanthera philoxeroides
Alternanthera philoxeroides
Alternanthera pungens
Alternanthera pungens
Alternanthera repens
Althaea armeniaca
Althaea cannabrina
Althaea narbonensis
Alyssum lapeyrousianum
Amaryllis machupijchense
Ambaiba adenopus
Ambaiba carbonaria
Ambaiba cinerea
Ambaiba cyrtostachya
Ambaiba lyratiloba
Ambaiba pachystachya
Ambaiba palmate
Ambaiba peltata
Ambaiba surinamensis
Ambrosia artemisiifolia
Ambrosia diversifolia
Ambrosia elatior
Ambrosia glandulosa
Ambrosia maonophylla
Ambrosia maritima
Ambrosia media
Amellus anisatis
Amellus asteroides
Amellus fruticosus
Amellus lychnitis
Amellus pallidus
Amellus tenuifolius
Amellus ternifolius
Amethystea caerulea
Amianthium muscaetoxicum
Ampelodesma mauritanicum
Ampelodesmos bicolor
Ampelodesmos effusus
Ampelodesmos mauritanica
Ampelodesmos mauritanicus
Ampelodesmos tenax
Ampherephis intermedia
Amphiachryis dracuncloides
Amsinckia spp.
Anacharis densa
Anacharis hilariana
Anacharis naias
Anandria bellidiastrum
Ancistrum barbatum
Andira humilis
Andropogon albescens
Andropogon arenaceus
Andropogon avenaceum
Andropogon avenaceus
Andropogon ciliatus
Andropogon confertus
Andropogon halepensis
Andropogon linnaeanus
Andropogon miliaceus
Andropogon miliformis
Andropogon nutans
Anisacanthus quadrifidus
Anisocereus spp.
Anisolotus grandiflorus
Anisolotus leucophaeus
Anisolotus mearnsii
Anisolotus puberulus
Annona glabra
Anogeissus latifolia
Anredera baselloides
Anredera cordifolia
Anthephora pubescens
Anthericum latifolium
Anthyllis chilensis
Anthyllis lemanniana
Anthyllis tetraphylla
Antopetitia abyssinica
Antoschmidtia pappophoroides
Aplopappus macronema
Apocynum androsaemifolium
Apocynum cannabinum
Apocynum cannabinum subsp. cannabinum
Apocynum cannabinum subsp. cordigerum
Aponogeton abyssinicus
Aponogeton monostachyon
Aponogeton natans
Aponogeton rigidifolius
Aponogeton stachyosporus
Aporoselenicereus spp.
Aptopappus laricifolius
Aragallus abbreviatus
Aragallus angustatus
Aragallus articulatus
Aragallus aven-nelsonii
Aragallus bigelovii
Aragallus falcatus
Aragallus formosus
Aragallus involutus
Aragallus knowltonii
Aragallus lamberti
Aragallus lambertii
Aragallus metcalfei
Aragallus patens
Aralia erinaceae
Araujia albens
Araujia hortorum
Araujia sericifera
Arctostaphylos nevadensis
Argemone alba
Argemone albiflora
Argemone intermedia
Argemone mexicana
Argemone ochroleuca
Argemone polyanthemos
Argemone subfusiformis
Armatocereus spp.
Armoracia aquatica
Arnica cordifolia
Arnica lessingii
Arnica paniculata
Arnica whitneyi
Arrhenatherum album
Arrhenatherum erianthum
Artabotrys burmanicus
Arundo ampelodesmos
Arundo bicolor
Arundo diocea
Arundo dioica
Arundo festucoides
Arundo fulvida
Arundo kila
Arundo mauritanica
Arundo selloana
Arundo tenax
Aspalthium bituminosum
Asparagus asparagoides
Asparagus medeoloides
Asparagus scandens
Asparagus setaceus
Asperella hystrix
Asphodelus cirerae
Asphodelus fistulosus
Asphodelus tenuifolius
Asprella hystrix
Aster azureus
Aster oolentangiensis
Aster prenanthoides
Aster richardsonii
Aster sibiricus
Aster subintegerrimus
Aster tripolium
Astragalus arnottianus
Astragalus intermedius
Astragalus lambertii
Astragalus penduliflorus
Astragalus sachalinensis
Astragalus utahensis
Asystasia gangetica
Atractylis preauxiana
Atractylodes macrocephala
Atropa origanfolia
Atropa rhomboidea
Avena canescens
Babiana adpressa
Babiana ambigua
Babiana flabellifolia
Babiana framesii
Babiana gawleri
Babiana klaverensis
Babiana klawerensis
Babiana longibracteat
Babiana mucronata
Babiana occidentalis
Babiana odorata
Babiana sambucina
Babiana scabrifolia
Babiana spathacea
Babiana stellata
Babiana thunbergii
Babiana truncata
Babiana undulato-venosa
Babiana vanzyliae
Baccharis halimifolia
Baileya multiradiata
Balanites aegyptiaca
Balanites aegyptiacus
Bambusa nigra
Bambusa puberula
Barbarea rupicola
Barleria albostellata
Barnardiella spiralis
Bartsia alpina
Bassia prostrata
Bassia scoparia
Bassia scoparia
Beckeria montana
Bensoniella oregona
Bergerocactus spp.
Bergia texana
Berkheya macrocephala
Berkheya multijuga
Berkheya purpurea
Berkheya setifera
Berkheya speciosa
Berkheyopsis linearifolia
Berlandiera lyrata
Bifora radians
Bigelowia cooperi
Bigelowia macronema
Bigelowia nelsonii
Bignonia tweediana
Biscutella laevigata
Bistorta taipaishanensis
Blumenbachia insignis
Blumenbachia multifida
Blumenbachia palmata
Blumenbachia parvifloria
Bolivicereus spp.
Bongardia chrysogonum
Bostorta milletii
Boussingaultia baselloides
Boussingaultia cordata
Boussingaultia cordifolia
Boussingaultia gracilis
Bouteloua curtipendula
Bouteloua dactyloides
Brachiaria deflexa
Brachiaria paspaloides
Brachiaria plantaginea
Brachycereus spp.
Brachypodium pinnatum
Brachyramphus ramoisissimus
Brachyramphus sinicus
Brachyris dracuncloides
Brachyris ramosisima
Breea setosum
Breonadia salicina
Bromus ciliatus
Bromus commutatus
Bromus commutatus
Bromus laevipes
Bromus orcuttianus
Bromus pacificus
Bromus subvelutinus
Bromus suksdorfii
Bromus vulgaris
Bryophyllum delagoense
Bryophyllum tubiflorum
Bryophyllum verticallatum
Buchnera angustifolia
Buchnera asiatica
Buddleia abbreviata
Buddleia brevifolia
Buddleia gracilis
Buddleia integrifolia
Buddleia intermedia
Buddleia lanceolata
Buddleia ligustrina
Buddleia microphylla
Buddleia monticola
Buddleia obtusifolia
Buddleia parvfolia
Buddleia parviflora
Buddleia ventusa
Buddleja abbreviata
Buddleja brevifolia
Buddleja gracilis
Buddleja integrifolia
Buddleja intermedia
Buddleja lanceolata
Buddleja ligustrina
Buddleja microphylla
Buddleja monticola
Buddleja obtusifolia
Buddleja parvfolia
Buddleja parviflora
Buddleja ventusa
Buglossoides purpureo-caeruleum
Buglossoides purpurocaerulea
Bulbine brunsvigiaefolia
Bulbine ensifolia
Bulbine latifolia
Bulbine natalensis
Bulbine transvaalensis
Bulbinella latifolia
Bulbostylis capillaris
Bunias orientalis
Buphthalmum speciosum
Bupleurum chinense
Bupleurum falcatum
Bupleurum longifolium
Bupleurum vapincense
Butneria mohrii
Cabomba aquatica
Cabomba australis
Cabomba caroliniana
Cabomba caroliniana
Cabomba gigantea
Cabomba piauhiensis
Cabomba piauhyensis
Cacalia glabra
Cacalia porophyllum
Cacalia ruderalis
Cacalia ternata
Cacara orbicularis
Cactus chinensis
Cactus decumanus
Cactus ficus-indica
Cactus monacanthus
Calamagrostis arundinacea
Calamagrostis gracilis
Calamagrostis notabilis
Calamagrostis poaoides
Calamagrostis poplawskae
Calamagrostis purpurea
Calamintha tauricola
Calea zacatechichi
Calhounia nelsonae
Callaeum macropterum
Callirhoe digitata
Calotheca littoralis
Calotheca niliaca
Calotheca repens
Calotropis procera
Calotropis procera
Calycanthus mohrii
Calymmanthium spp.
Campuloclinium macrocephalum
Cannomois virgata
Canscora alata
Canscora decussata
Cardamine enneaphyllos
Cardamine heptaphylla
Cardamine macrophylla
Cardamine pentaphylla
Cardamine raphanifolia
Cardamine tenuirostris
Cardamine waldensteinii
Cardaria alloidora
Cardaria draba
Cardaria draba
Carduus acaulis
Carduus acaulos
Carduus arvensis
Carduus nutans
Carex appropinquata
Carex buchananii
Carex comans
Carex cuprina
Carex flagellifera
Carex mertensii
Carex muricata
Carex pairaei
Carex serotina
Carex viridula
Carlina corymbosa
Carpoceras angulata
Carpodinus acida
Carpodinus barteri
Carpodinus baumannii
Carpodinus dulcis
Carpodinus flava
Carpodinus oocarpa
Carpodinus oocarpus
Carpodinus parviflora
Carpodinus parviflorus
Carpodinus pauciflora
Carpodinus tenuifolia
Carthamus baeticus
Carthamus creticus
Carthamus glaucus
Carthamus lanatus
Carthamus lanatus
Carthamus leucocaulos
Carthamus turkestanicus
Carum gairdneri
Cassia obtusifolia
Cassia tora
Cassia tora var. obtusifolia
Cassytha filiformis
Castellanosia caineana
Castilleja intergra
Caucalis grandiflora
Caucalis japonica
Caulerpa taxifolia
Cecropia adenopus
Cecropia amphichlora
Cecropia arachnoidea
Cecropia asperrima
Cecropia bureauiana
Cecropia carbonaria
Cecropia catarinensis
Cecropia cinerea
Cecropia cyrtostachya
Cecropia dielsiana
Cecropia digitata
Cecropia digitata var. grisea
Cecropia glauca
Cecropia goodspeedii
Cecropia hondurensis
Cecropia humboldtiana
Cecropia lyratiloba
Cecropia pachystachya
Cecropia palmata
Cecropia peltata
Cecropia peltata var. candida
Cecropia propinqua
Cecropia scabrifolia
Cecropia schiedeana
Cecropia surinamensis
Celastrus stephanotiifolius
Celtis spinosa
Cenchrus gracillimus
Cenchrus spp.
Centaurea canariensis
Centaurea carthamoides
Centaurea solstitialis
Centaurium littorale
Centaurium minus
Centaurium scilloides
Centaurium turneri
Centaurium vulgare
Centratherum intermedium
Cephalanthus berlandieri
Cephalanthus occidentalis
Cephalocereus dybowskii
Cephalocereus fluminensis
Cephalocereus russelianus
Cephalocereus smithianus
Cephalophora aromatica
Ceratophyllum spp.
Cercocarpus ledifolius
Cerinthe minor
Cerinthe retorta
Cestrum parqui
Cestrum parqui
Chaerophyllum aureum
Chaerophyllum hybridum
Chaerophyllum maculatum
Chaerophyllum temuloides
Chalcoelytrum nutans
Chamaedactylis maritima
Chamaesyce glomerifera
Chamaesyce hypericifolia
Chamerion dodonaei
Chara spp.
Cheirolophus canariensis
Chenopodium bontei
Chenopodium bonus-henricus
Chenopodium desertorum
Chenopodium fasciculosum
Chenopodium ficifolium
Chenopodium gaudichaudianum
Chenopodium hircinium
Chenopodium microphyllum var. desertorum
Chenopodium pallidicaule
Chenopodium paniculatum
Chenopodium scoparia
Chionochloa beddiei
Chionochloa conspicua
Chionochloa flavicans
Chionochloa rigida
Chionochloa rubra
Chionochloa spiralis
Chloris chloridea
Chloris equitans
Chloris halophila
Chloris paspaloides
Chloris petraea
Chlorocodon whitei
Chondrilla juncea
Chondrilla juncea
Chromolaena odorata
Chromolaena odorata
Chromolaena squalida
Chrozophora verbascifolia
Chrysanthemoides monilifera
Chrysanthemum haradjanii
Chrysocoma coma aurea
Chrysocyathus sibiricus
Chrysoma laricifolia
Chrysopogon avenaceus
Chrysopogon nutans
Chrysopsis mariana
Chrysopsis mariana var. macradenia
Chymococca empetroides
Cicuta mackenzieana
Cicuta virosa
Cinchona pubescens
Cineraria thapsoides
Cipocereus spp.
Circaea canadensis
Circaea lutetiana
Circaea quadrisulcata
Circaea racemosa var. lutetiana
Cirinosum spp.
Cirsium acaule
Cirsium acaulon
Cirsium arvens
Cirsium arvense
Cirsium incanum
Cirsium japonicum
Cirsium lanatum
Cirsium nipponicum
Cirsium setosum
Cirsium tuberosum
Cirsium rivulare
Cistanthe grandiflora
Cladophora spp.
Cleistocactus spp.
Cleome pinnata
Clerodendron navesianum
Clistanthocereus spp.
Clytostoma binatum
Cnicus acaulis
Cnicus arvensis
Cnicus cartamoides
Cochlearia amoracia var aquatica
Cochlearia aquatica
Cochlearia draba
Cocodilodes setiferum
Cocodilodes speciosum
Coleocephalocereus spp.
Collomia cavanillesii
Colocasia vivipara
Colophospermum mopane
Colutea caspica
Colutea istria
Conium chaerophylloides
Conocarpus latifolius
Conopharyngia rutshurensis
Conopharyngia usambarensis
Conopharyngia ventricosa
Convolvulus arvensis
Convolvulus phrygius
Coptis groenlandica
Coptis trifolia
Corallocarpus bainesii
Corallocarpus bussei
Corallocarpus dinteri
Corallocarpus poissonii
Corallocarpus sphaerocarpus
Cordia boissieri
Cordia curassavica
Cordia cylindristachya
Cordia sebestena
Coriaria kweichowensis
Coriaria nepalensis
Coriaria plumosa
Coriaria sinica
Coriaria terminalis
Coronilla balansae
Coronilla cappadocica
Coronilla coronata
Coronilla emerus
Coronilla glauca
Coronilla iberica
Coronilla juncea
Coronilla lotoides
Coronilla orientalis
Coronilla parviflora
Coronilla rostrata
Coronilla scorpioides
Coronilla securidaca
Coronilla valentina
Coronilla viminalis
Corryocactus spp.
Cortaderia argentea
Cortaderia atacamensis
Cortaderia dioica
Cortaderia jubata
Cortaderia quila
Cortaderia rudiuscula
Cortaderia selloana
Cortusa matthioli
Corynephorus canescens
Crambe gigantea
Crambe sventenii
Craniolaria annua
Crataegus apiifolia
Crataegus baroussana
Crataegus monogyna
Crataegus monogyna subsp. nordica
Crataegus monogyna var. biflora
Crataegus monogyna var. praecox
Cratylia argentea
Cratylia floribunda
Cratylia mollis
Crepidiastrum denticulatum
Critesion adscendens
Critesion bulbosum
Critesion geniculatum
Critesion jubatum
Critesion pusillum
Crocodilodes multijugum
Crocodilodes purpureum
Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora
Croton eliottianus
Croton megalocarpus
Crozophora tinctoria
Cryptostegia grandiflora
Cucubalus baccifer
Cucubalus sibiricus
Cullen americana
Cullen corylifolia
Cullen tormentosum
Cumulopuntia monocantha
Cumulopuntia robusta
Cumulopuntia stricta
Cumulopuntia vulgaris
Cuphea strigulosa
Cuphea wrightii
Cuscuta americana
Cuscuta approximata
Cuscuta capillaris
Cuscuta carinata
Cuscuta chinensis
Cuscuta ciliaris
Cuscuta hyalina
Cuscuta indecora
Cuscuta lupuliformis
Cuscuta maritima
Cuscuta maroccana
Cuscuta monogyna
Cuscuta palaestina
Cuscuta pentagona
Cuscuta reflexa
Cuscuta sandwichianaana
Cuscuta sulcata
Cycas falcata
Cycas zambalensis
Cynanchum compactum
Cynanchum madagascariense
Cynanchum marnieranum
Cynanchum napiforme
Cynanchum nigrum
Cynanchum perrieri
Cynoglossum creticum
Cynoglossum pictum
Cynosurus lima
Cynosurus paspaloides
Cyperus amabilis
Cyperus aromaticus
Cyperus aromaticus
Cyperus fuscus
Cyperus giganteus
Cyperus hakonesis
Cyperus hermaphroditus
Cyperus imbricatus
Cyperus luzulae
Cyperus maritimus
Cyperus microiria
Cyperus rigidifolius
Cyperus strigosus
Cyperus tegetum
Cytisus decumbens
Dactylis brevifolia
Dactylis lagopodiodes
Dactylis littoralis
Dactylis maritima
Dactylis repens
Dactyloctenium bogdanii
Dactyloctenium geminatum
Dalbergia melanoxylon
Dalbergia sissoo
Danthonia flavescens
Danthonia raoulli
Danthonia rigida
Dasypyrum villosum
Datura spp.
Daucus grandiflora
Delphinium caeruleum
Dendrosenecio johnstonii
Derris eliptica
Deschampsia aciphylla
Deschampsia antartica
Deschampsia elegantula
Deschampsia tenella
Desmanthus bicornutus
Desmanthus covellei
Desmanthus palmeri
Desmanthus paspalaceus
Desmanthus permambucanus
Desmanthus pumilus
Desmanthus rostruatus
Desmanthus sublatus
Desmazeria castellana
Desmodium asperum
Desmodium canadense
Desmodium cinerascens
Desmodium dichotomum
Desmodium diffusum
Desmodium distortum
Desmodium elatum
Desmodium elegans
Desmodium esquirolii
Desmodium forrestii
Desmodium franchetii
Desmodium glaucophyllum
Desmodium hirsutum
Desmodium penduliflorum
Desmodium procumbens
Desmodium purpureum
Desmodium rhobdocladum
Desmodium rubiginosum
Desmodium setigerum
Desmodium spectabile
Desmodium spicatum
Desmodium thunbergii
Desmodium tiliifolium
Desmostachya bipinnata
Dierama ‘Guinevere’
Dierama adelphicum
Digera arvensis
Digera muricata
Digitaria debilis
Digitaria fuscescens
Digitaria horizontalis
Digitaria longifolia
Digitaria microbachne
Digitaria nutans
Digitaria scalarum
Digitaria sericea
Digitaria timorensis
Dioclea argentea
Dioclea dichrona
Diplogon mariana
Diplopappus marianus
Dipsacus inemis
Dipsacus pilosus
Discaria toumatou
Disocactus x Heliochia
Disteira angulosa
Dolichos ellenbeckii
Dolichos mitis
Dolichos orbicularis
Dolichos pseudopachyrhizus
Dorycnium rectum
Doxantha unguis-cati
Draba aizoides
Draba aradani
Draba atlantica
Draba caesia
Draba fladnizensis
Draba glabella
Draba hispanica
Draba liljebladii
Draba muricella
Draba nivalis
Dracaena medeoloides
Dracocephalum ibericum
Dryas drummondii
Dryas octopetala var. drummondi
Dryopteris caudifrons
Dryopteris subassamensis
Dryopteris subtriangularis
Dryopteris uropinna
Echinodorus angustifolius
Echinodorus gabrielii
Echinopanax horridum
Echinops tournefortii
Echinospartum barnadesii
Echium acutifolium
Echium amoenum
Echium boissieri
Echium brevirame
Echium clavatum
Echium giganteum
Echium italicum
Echium linearifolium
Echium maculatum
Echium papillosum
Echium pininana
Echium plantagenium
Echium plantagineum
Echium pomponium
Echium rubrum
Echium russicum
Echium vulgare
Echium wildpretti x Echium pininana
Egeria densa
Egeria najas
Eichhornia azurea
Eichhornia crassipes
Eichhornia crassipes
Eichhornia natans
Eichhornia speciosa
Elachanthera sewelliae
Eleocharis afflata
Eleocharis articulata
Eleocharis chaetaria
Eleocharis erecta
Eleocharis filiculmis
Eleocharis flaccida
Eleocharis interstincta
Eleocharis kuroguwai
Eleocharis mutata
Eleocharis nodulosa
Eleocharis ochreata
Eleocharis palustris
Eleocharis plantaginoidea
Eleocharis tuberosa
Elephantella graenlandica
Eleutherococcus sieboldianus
Elodea canadensis var. gigantea
Elodea densa
Elodea guyannensis fo. longifolia
Elodea kochii
Elodea najas
Elodea paraguayensis
Elymus albertii
Elymus altaicus
Elymus arenarius subsp. sabulosus
Elymus arenarius var. giganteus
Elymus arenarius var. sabulosus
Elymus attenuatus
Elymus caespitosus
Elymus cretaceous
Elymus dahuricus
Elymus disertorum
Elymus giganteus
Elymus giganteus fo. attenuatus
Elymus giganteus fo. crassinervius
Elymus glaucescens
Elymus hyalanthus
Elymus hystrix
Elymus junceus
Elymus kokczetavicus
Elymus macrostachys
Elymus magellanicus
Elymus pseudohystrix
Elymus racemosus
Elymus racemosus var. sabulosus
Elymus remotiflorus
Elymus sabulosus
Elymus sibiricus
Elytropappus rhinocerotis
Emex australis
Empetrum pinnatum
Encelia mexicana
Encephalocereus spp.
Ephedra distachya
Ephedra fedtschenkoae
Ephedra major
Ephedra pulvinaris
Ephedra sinica
Epilobium dodonaei
Epilobium glabellum
Epilobium glaberrimum
Epilobium rigidum
Epilobium rosmarinifolium
Equisetum arvense
Eragrostis aethiopica
Eragrostis airoides
Eragrostis atrovirens
Eragrostis diarrhena
Eragrostis ferruginea
Eragrostis lugens
Eragrostis malayana
Eragrostis tremula
Eragrostis viscosa
Eragrostis xylanica
Erechtites hieracifolia
Erechtites hieraciifolius
Eremopyrum bourgeaei
Eremopyrum distans
Eremopyrum orientale subsp.distans
Eremopyrum orientale var. lanuginosum
Eremopyrum orientale var. lasianthum
Ericameria discoidea
Ericameria laricifolia
Ericameria monactis
Ericameria nelsonii
Eriocephalus racemosus
Eriogonum caespitosum
Eriogonum crocatum
Eriogonum ovalifolium
Eriophorum angustifolium
Eriophorum polystachyon
Eriophyllum confertiflorum
Eriophyllum lanatum
Eriophyllum nevinii
Eriosema glomeratum
Eriosema humertii
Eriosema jurionianum
Eriosema nutans
Eriosema ploystachia
Eriosema ploystachium
Eriosema ploystachya
Eriosema ploystachyum
Erodium carvifolium
Erodium castellanum
Erodium cazorlanum
Erodium manescarvii
Erodium manescaui
Erodium reichardii
Erodium trifolium
Erythrina arborea
Erythrina hederaefolia
Erythrina herbacea
Erythrina humilis
Erythrina rubicunda
Erythroxylon spp.
Escontria spp.
Espostoopsis spp.
Eucharidium breweri
Eulychnia spp.
Euonymus nanus
Eupatorium adenophora
Eupatorium adenophorum
Eupatorium adenophorum var peruvianum
Eupatorium cannabinum
Eupatorium chinense
Eupatorium conzyoides
Eupatorium dichotomum
Eupatorium fistulosum
Eupatorium glandulosum
Eupatorium japonica
Eupatorium liatredeum
Eupatorium macrocephalum
Eupatorium odoratum
Eupatorium pallescens
Eupatorium pasdadense
Eupatorium perfoliatum
Eupatorium rugosum
Eupatorium squalidum
Eupatorium squalidum var. rusbyanum
Eupatorium squalidum var. subvelutinum
Eupatorium subvelutinum
Eupatorium variable
Euphorbia acalyphoides
Euphorbia aegyptiaca
Euphorbia aleppica
Euphorbia barnardii
Euphorbia baselicis
Euphorbia boliviana
Euphorbia caerulescens
Euphorbia canariensis
Euphorbia coerulescens
Euphorbia colorata
Euphorbia corollata
Euphorbia cotinifolia
Euphorbia didieroides
Euphorbia dracunculoides
Euphorbia esula
Euphorbia ferox
Euphorbia fimbriata
Euphorbia gaillardoti
Euphorbia glomerifera
Euphorbia graniticola
Euphorbia handiensis
Euphorbia hedyotoides
Euphorbia hormorrhiza
Euphorbia horomboensis
Euphorbia hypericifolia
Euphorbia indica
Euphorbia jacquemontii
Euphorbia jubae-regis
Euphorbia lamarckii
Euphorbia lasiocarpa
Euphorbia lathyris
Euphorbia lathyrus
Euphorbia liatrideum
Euphorbia microphylla
Euphorbia obtusifoli
Euphorbia obtusifolia
Euphorbia oerstediana
Euphorbia pachypodioides
Euphorbia papilligera
Euphorbia paralias
Euphorbia pinetorum
Euphorbia pseudocactus
Euphorbia pseudodendroides
Euphorbia radians
Euphorbia regisjubae
Euphorbia regis-jubae
Euphorbia restiacea
Euphorbia royaliana
Euphorbia royleana
Euphorbia roylei
Euphorbia serpens
Euphorbia stellata
Euphorbia strigosa
Euphorbia supina
Euphorbia terracina
Euphorbia viguieri
Euphorbia virgata
Euphorbia wulfenii
Eurybia sibirica
Euryops caespitosus
Euryops candollei
Euryops golpinii
Euryops imbricatus
Euryops multineruis
Euryops neptunicus
Euryops pectinatus
Euryops setiloba
Euryops setilobus
Euryops striata
Euryops striatus
Euryops tagetoides
Euryops transvaalensis
Eustachys mutica
Eustachys paspaloides
Eutrochium fistulosum
Evoista caroliniana
Fagopyrum tataricum
Faidherbia spp.
Fallugia paradoxa
Farsetia clypeata
Fatsia horrida
Festuca circummediterranea
Festuca eggleri
Festuca eskia
Festuca flavescens
Festuca pallens
Festuca tatrae
Fibigia clypeata
Ficus altissima
Ficus lacor
Ficus natalesis
Ficus thonningii
Ficus triangularis
Fimbristylis autumnalis
Fimbristylis capillaris
Fimbristylis globulosa
Fimbristylis quinquangularis
Floresia spp.
Floscopa palustris
Freesia andersoniae
Fumaria agraria
Galeopsis bifida
Galeopsis segetum
Galeopsis speciosa
Galeopsis tetrahit
Galium mollugo
Gamolepis caudata
Garrya veatchii
Garugandra amorphoides
Gaylussacia baccata
Genista barnadesii
Genista monspessulana
Genista prostrata
Genista pulchella
Genista vilarsii
Genlisea spp.
Geoffroea decorticans
Geoffroea spinosa
Geranium papilionaceum
Gerardia paupercula
Gerbera anandria
Gerbera anandria var. integripetala
Gerbera integripetala
Gladiolus pardalinus
Glaucium acutidentatum
Glaucium grandiflorum
Glaucium refracta
Gleditsia amorphoides
Gleditsia amorphoides var. anacantha
Gleditsia brachycarpa
Gleditsia bujotti
Gleditsia elegans
Gleditsia ferox
Gleditsia flava
Gleditsia hebecarpa
Gleditsia heterophylla
Gleditsia inermis
Gleditsia latifolia
Gleditsia latisilique
Gleditsia leavis
Gleditsia melanacantha
Gleditsia meliloba
Gleditsia micracantha
Gleditsia polysperma
Gleditsia sinensis
Gleditsia spinosa
Gleditsia triacanthos
Gleditsia triacanthos var. inermis
Gleditsia vestita
Gluceria aquatica
Glyceria leptostachya
Glyceria x occidentalis
Glycyrrhiza echinata
Gnaphalium muricatum
Gonospermum gomerae
Gourliea chilensis
Gourliea decorticans
Gourliea decorticata
Gourliea spinosa
Grahamia aromatica
Grammica aphylla
Grindelia chiloensis
Gundelia tournefortii
Gundelia tournfortii
Gutierrezia dracuncloides
Gutierrezia lindheimeriana
Gymnocoronis attenuata
Gymnocoronis spilanthoides
Gymnostichium hystrix
Gymnostichium patulum
Gynerium argenteum
Gynerium dioicum
Gynerium jabatum
Gynerium purpureum
Haageocactus spp.
Haageocereus spp.
Halimodendron argenteum
Halimodendron halodendron
Halleria elliptica
Halogeton glomeratus
Halogeton glomeratus.
Hamatocactus setispinus
Haplocarpha scaposa
Haplocarpha thinbergii
Haplopappus coronopifolius
Haplopappus discoideus
Haplopappus glutinosus
Haplopappus laricifolius
Haplopappus lyallii
Haplopappus macronema
Haplopappus monactis
Harpagophytum procumbens
Harpagophytum zeyheri
Harrisia spp.
Haumania danckelmaniana
Haynaldia villosa
Hazardia cana
Hedeoma pulegioides
Hedychium emeiense
Hedychium flavescens
Hedychium panzhuum
Hedysarum algeriense
Hedysarum alpinum
Hedysarum asperum
Hedysarum bountignyanum
Hedysarum camosum
Hedysarum canadense
Hedysarum canadensis
Hedysarum dichotomum
Hedysarum diffusum
Hedysarum distortum
Hedysarum flexuosum
Hedysarum glomeratum
Hedysarum hedysaroides
Hedysarum obscurum
Hedysarum tiliifolium
Helenium spp.
Heliabravoa spp.
Helianthus ciliaris
Heliocereus spp.
Heliochia spp.
Helioselenius spp.
Heliotropium amplexicaule
Heliotropium bovei
Heliotropium sudanicum
Heliphyllum spp.
Helleborus trifolius
Helminthocarpum abyssinicum
Hemizonia clementina
Hemizygia transvaalensis
Heracleum douglasii
Heracleum lanatum
Heracleum lehmannium
Heracleum maximum
Heracleum montanum
Heracleum sphondylium
Hermannia althaeoides
Hermannia amabilis
Hermannia pinata
Hertrichocereus spp.
Hesperocnide sandwicensis
Heteranthera spp.
Heteropappus altaicus
Heteropappus distortus
Heterotheca floribunda
Heterotheca grandiflora
Heterotheca mariana
Hibiscus obtusilobus
Hieracium aurantiacum
Hieracium pilosella
Hieracium praealtum
Hieracium pratense
Hieracium umbellatum
Hippeastrum machupijchense
Hippobroma longiflora
Hippocrepis biflora
Hippocrepis ciliata
Hippocrepis comosa subsp. scabra
Hippocrepis constricta
Hippocrepis multisiliquosa subsp constricta
Hippocrepis scabra
Hippocrepis unisiliquosa
Hippomane mancinella
Hiraea macroptera
Hirpicium linearfolium
Hirpicium linearifolium
Hoepfneria africana
Holcus nutans
Hordeum adscendens
Hordeum bulbosum
Hordeum caespitosum
Hordeum fragile
Hordeum hystrix
Hordeum ischnatherum
Hordeum ithaburense
Hordeum jubatum
Hordeum nodosum
Hordeum pampeanum
Hordeum pubiflorum var. pampeanum
Hordeum pusillum
Hordeum riehlii
Hordeum secalinum
Hordeum sibiricum
Hordeum spontaneum
Hormolotus johnstonii
Hosackia angustifolia
Hosackia anthylloides
Hosackia decumbens
Hosackia grandiflora
Hosackia leucophaea
Hosackia mearnsii
Hosackia nevadensis
Hosackia occulta
Hosackia ochroleuca
Hosackia puberula
Hosackia subpinnata
Houttuynia cordata
Hydrilla verticillata
Hydrilla verticillata
Hydrocleys bleheri
Hydrocleys nymphoides
Hydrothrix spp.
Hygrophila brasiliensis
Hygrophila costata
Hygrophila guianensis
Hygrophila phlomoides
Hygrophila pobeguini
Hygrophila ringens
Hygrophila spinosa
Hylotelephium anacampseros
Hylotelephium ewersii
Hymenachne acutigluma
Hymenachne amplexicaulis
Hymenachne myosurus
Hyparrhenia gazensis
Hypecoum grandiflorum
Hypericum addingtonii
Hypericum androsaemum
Hypericum androsaemum x inodorum var. 'Honey Flair'
Hypericum canadense
Hypericum crispum
Hypericum dummeri
Hypericum erectum
Hypericum fragile
Hypericum frondosum
Hypericum majus
Hypericum nummularium
Hypericum olympicum
Hypericum orientale
Hypericum perforatum
Hypericum perforatum
Hypericum polyphyllum
Hypericum repens
Hypericum tetrapterum
Hypericum triquetrifolium
Hypericum x inodorum var. 'Spirit'
Hypericum x inodorum var. Summer Fantasy
Hyptis brevipes
Hyptis lanceolata
Ibicella lutea
Ibicella lutea
Illecebrum achyrantha
Inula conyza
Inula glandulosa
Inula indica
Inula mariana
Ipomoea blepharosepala
Ipomoea cordofana
Ipomoea cynanchifolia
Ipomoea hardwikii
Ipomoea hederacea
Ipomoea ramonii
Ipomoea tricolor
Ipomoea trifida
Ipomoea violacea
Isachne kunthiana
Ischaemum afrum
Ischaemum aristatum
Ischaemum timorense
Isnardia alternifolia
Isnardia aurantiaca
Isolatocereus spp.
Isolepsis brachyphylla
Isolepsis capillaris
Isolepsis ciliata
Isolepsis radiciflora
Isotoma longiflora
Iva axillaris
Iva axillaris
Ixeris denticulata
Ixoca pusilla
Jaborosa runcinata
Jacobaeaestrum candollei
Jasminocereus spp.
Jatropha curcas
Jatropha gossypiifolia
Jurinea alata
Justicia flava
Justicia quadrifida
Justicia simplex
Kalanchoe delagoensis
Kalanchoe tubiflora
Kalanchoe verticallata
Kalimeris integrifolia
Kappaphycus alvarezii
Karomia speciosa
Karwinskia humboldtiana
Keckiella ternata
Kedrostis bainesii
Kedrostis foetidissima
Kentrophyllum baeticum
Kentrophyllum lanatum
Kleinia longiflorus
Kleinia porophyllum
Kleinia ruderalis
Knautia longifolia
Knowltonia capensis
Kochia childsii
Kochia prostrata
Kochia scoparia
Kochia scoparia (see Bassia scoparia)
Kochia trichophylla
Koeleria crassipes
Koeleria cristata
Koeleria glauca
Koeleria lagopoides
Lacmellia spp.
Lactuca capensis
Lactuca denticulata
Lactuca pulchella
Lactuca pulchella
Lactuca taraxacifolia
Lagarosiphon major
Lagarosiphon major
Lagarosiphon roxburghii
Lagascea decipiens
Lallemantia iberica
Landolphia dulcis
Landolphia tenuifolia
Lantana camara
Lantana spp.
Lasiocereus spp.
Latua pubiflora
Laurentia longiflora
Lavatera arborea
Lavauxia flava
Leibnitzia anandria
Lemaireocereus spp.
Lemna perpusilla
Lemoine carriere
Leocereus spp.
Leonurus artemisia
Leonurus heterophyllus
Leonurus japonicus
Leonurus macranthus
Leonurus sibiricus
Lepilaena spp.
Leptocereus spp.
Lepyrodiclis holosteoides
Lepyrodiclis stellaroides
Lespedeza capitata
Lespedeza thunbergii
Lesquerella alpina
Leucadendron angustatum
Leucadendron ericifolium
Leucothoe populifolia
Leuzea carthamoides
Leuzea conifera
Leymus angustus
Leymus cinereus
Leymus condensatus
Leymus giganteus
Leymus racemosus
Leymus racemosus subsp. crassinervius
Leymus racemosus subsp. depauperatus
Leymus racemosus subsp. klokovii
Leymus racemosus subsp. racemosus
Leymus racemosus subsp. sabulosus
Leymus sabulosus
Leymus triticoides
Ligularia alpigena
Ligularia fischeri
Ligularia japonica
Ligularia sibirica
Ligularia stenocephala
Ligularia tangutica
Ligularia wilsoniana
Ligustrum lucidum
Limnocharis flava
Limnocharis humboldtii
Limnophila conferta
Limnophila heterophylla
Limnophila micrantha
Limonium angustatum
Limonium carolinianum
Limonium nashii
Limonium obtusilobum
Limonium trichogonum
Linaria dalmatica
Linaria dalmatica
Lindernia angustifolia
Lindernia cordifolia
Lindernia procumbens
Lithospermum purpurascens
Lithospermum purpurocaeruleum
Loasa chelidoniifolia
Loasa muralis
Loasa palmata
Loasa papaverifolia
Loasa rudis
Loasa tricolor
Loasa triphylla
Loasa vulcanica
Loasa wallisii
Lobelia comosa
Lobelia coronopifolia
Lobelia longiflora
Lobelia shaferi
Lochnera pusilla
Logfia arvensis
Lophocereus spp.
Lotus aegaeus
Lotus arabicus
Lotus confinis
Lotus denticulatus
Lotus douglasii var. nevadensis
Lotus eriosolen
Lotus garcini
Lotus gebelia
Lotus grandiflorus
Lotus halophilus
Lotus leucophaeus
Lotus martitimus
Lotus mearnsii
Lotus medicaginoides
Lotus nevadensis
Lotus oroboides
Lotus peregrinus
Lotus puberulus
Lotus purpureus
Lotus siliquosus
Lotus subpinnatus
Lotus weilleri
Lucuma spinosa
Ludwigia alternifolia
Ludwigia angustifolia
Ludwigia aurantiaca
Ludwigia erecta
Ludwigia leptocarpa
Ludwigia longifolia
Ludwigia macrocarpa
Ludwigia microcarpa
Ludwigia prostrata
Ludwigia ramosissima
Ludwigia salicifolia
Ludwigia stenorraphe
Ludwigia uniflora
Ludwigia uruguayensis
Luzula maxima
Luzula sylvatica
Luzuriaga sewelliae
Lychnis apetala
Lychnis baccifera
Lycioplesium publiflorum
Lycium campanulatum
Lycium carolinianum
Lycium ferocissimum
Macfadyena unguis-cati
Macroclinidium robustum
Macronema discoidea
Macronema discoideum
Macronema discoidia
Macronema lineare
Macropiper melchior
Maianthemum candense
Maihuenia spp.
Malachra fasciata
Malacocarpus leprosorum
Malacocarpus prolifera
Malva arborea
Malva dendromorpha
Margyricarpus laevis
Margyricarpus pinnatus
Margyricarpus setosus
Marrubium globosum
Marrubium libanoticum
Marrubium parviflorum
Marrubium vulgare
Marsilea quadrifolia
Martynia angulosa
Martynia annua
Martynia diandra
Martynia fragrans
Martynia louisiana
Martynia louisianica
Martynia proboscidea
Mascagnia macroptera
Matthiola maderensis
Matthiola montana
Maytenus heterophylla
Mecardonia dianthera
Medeola asparagoides
Medicago arcuata
Medicago connivens var. genuine
Medicago dentatus
Medicago medicaginoides
Meibomia aspera
Meibomia canadensis
Meibomia diffusa
Meibomia distorta
Meibomia tiliifolia
Melia volkensii
Melianthus cosmosus
Melica altissima
Melica ciliata
Melica diffusa
Melica glauca
Menispermum canadense
Menziesia ferruginea
Meolemaireocereus spp.
Mespilus monogyna
Metalasia ericoides
Metalasia fastigiata
Metalasia muricata
Metalasia umbellata
Miconia calvescens
Microcarpaea montevidensis
Microlaena avenacea
Mikania apiifolia
Mikania dentata
Mikania ternata
Mimosa balansae
Mimosa canosa
Mimosa dulcis
Mimosa hispidula
Mimosa invisa
Mimosa invisa
Mimosa pigra
Mimosa pigra
Mimosa pudica
Mimosa pumila
Mimosa tetrandra
Mimosa unijuga
Mimulus cupreus
Minuartia capillacea
Miscanthidium capense
Miscanthidium erectum
Miscanthidium sorghum
Miscanthus capensis
Miscanthus ecklonii
Miscanthus sorghum
Mitracarpum scabrum
Momordica tuberosa
Monadenium ritchiei
Monadenium schubei
Monadenium yattanum
Mondia whitei
Montbretia x crocosmiiflora
Moorea argentea
Morina persica
Moringa stenopetala
Mucuna coriacea
Mucuna pruriens
Muscari racemosum
Myriophyllum aquaticum
Myriophyllum aquaticum
Myriophyllum brasiliense
Myriophyllum elatinoides
Myriophyllum indicum
Myriophyllum propinguum
Myriophyllum spicatum
Myriophyllum spicatum
Myriophyllum verrucosum
Myrsiphyllum asparagoides
Myrsiphyllum scandens
Myrtillocactus spp.
Najas guadalupensis
Najas minor
Najas pectinata
Narcissus 'February Silver'
Narcissus 'Gigantic Star'
Narcissus 'Jumbly'
Narcissus 'Peeping Tom'
Narcissus 'Tahiti'
Nasa triphylla
Nassella charruana
Nassella neesiana
Nassella tenuissima
Nassella trichotoma
Nassella trichotoma
Nasturtium draba
Nelumbo lutea
Neobeckia aquatica
Neorautanenia mitis
Neorautanenia pseudopachyrrhiza
Neptunia natans
Neptunia prostrata
Nerium grandiflora
Nesaea verticillata
Nitella hyalina
Nocca decipiens
Nolana rupicola
Ocimum wilmsii
Odontostomum hartwegii
Oenothera flava
Oenothera franciscana
Oenothera grandis
Oenothera hookeri
Oenothera jepsonii
Oenothera kunthiana
Oenothera oakesiana
Onagra hookeri
Ononis natrix
Ononis sicula
Ononis viscola
Onopordon carduelinum
Onopordon nogalesii
Onopordum acanthium
Onopordum arabicum
Onopordum carduelinum
Onopordum illyricum
Onopordum nervosum
Onopordum nogalesii
Onosma arenaria
Oplopanax horridum
Oplopanax horridus
Opuntia ficus-indica
Opuntia ficus-indica var decumana
Opuntia ficus-indica var gymnocarpa
Opuntia ficus-indica var saboten
Opuntia megacantha
Opuntia monacantha
Orlaya grandiflora
Ornithopus coriandrinus
Ornithopus scorpioides
Orobanche spp.
Orthosiphon muddii
Orthosiphon transvaalensis
Oryza barthii
Oryza breviligulata
Oryza coarctata
Oryza longistaminata
Oryza punctata
Oryza rufipogon
Oryza stapfii
Otholobium decumbens
Ottelia spp.
Ourisia grandulosa
Oxalis stricta
Oxytropis adamsiana
Oxytropis campestris
Oxytropis lambertii
Oxytropis multiceps
Oxytropis oreophilia
Oxytropis pyrenaica
Oxytropis servicea
Oxytropis splendens
Pachycereus spp.
Pachyrhizus angulatus
Pachyrhizus orbicularis
Pacouria dulcis
Palicourea grandiflora
Palicourea juruana
Palicourea macrobotrys
Palicourea marcgravii
Palicourea paraensis
Palicourea triphylla
Paliurus mairei
Pancratium arabicum
Pancratium sickenbergeri
Pancratium tortuosum
Panicularia davyi
Panicularia leptostachys
Panicularia occidentalis
Papaver apulum
Papaver arenarium
Papaver decaisnei
Papaver gorodkovii
Papaver laevigatum
Papaver lecoqii
Papaver macrostomum
Papaver pinnatifidum
Papaver pseudo-orientale
Papaver refractum
Papuntium longiflorum
Paraixeris denticulata
Parasenecio delphiniphyllus
Parasenecio tongchuanensis
Parkinsonia aculeata
Parthenium hysterophorus
Parthenium hysterophorus
Paspalidium geminatum
Paspalidium obtusifolium
Paspalidium paludivagum
Paspalidium philippianum
Paspalidium punctatum
Paspalum acuminatum
Paspalum candidum
Paspalum coryphaeum
Paspalum fimbriatum
Paspalum fluitans
Paspalum geminatum
Paspalum haenkeanum
Paspalum hydrophilum
Paspalum intermedium
Paspalum laeve
Paspalum lividum
Paspalum macrophyllum
Paspalum maculosum
Paspalum millegrana
Paspalum minus
Paspalum modestum
Paspalum nutans
Paspalum proliferum
Paspalum prostratum
Paspalum pubiflorum
Paspalum pumilum
Paspalum racemosum
Paspalum repens
Paspalum thunbergii
Passerina ericoides
Passiflora bicornis
Passiflora pinnatistipula
Passiflora pulchella
Passiflora sexflora
Passiflora x pfordtii
Pavetta harborii
Pavetta schumanniana
Pavonia lasiopetala
Pavonia wrightii
Pedicularis comptoniaefolia
Pedicularis confertiflora
Pedicularis groenlandica
Pedicularis surrecta
Pelargonium asarifolium
Pelargonium carneum
Pelargonium heterophyllum
Pelargonium leipoldtii
Pelargonium papilionaceum
Peniocereus spp.
Pennisetum japonicum
Pennisetum macrourum
Penstemon puniceus
Penstemon superbus
Penstemon ternatus
Penthorum chinense
Peperomia amplexicaulis
Peperomia breviramula
Perdicium anandria
Perdicium tomentosum
Pereskiopsis spp.
Periploca andiacea
Periploca angustifolia
Periploca brevicoronata
Periploca chevalieri
Periploca fasciculata
Periploca laevigata
Periploca oleaefolia
Periploca punciaefolia
Periploca rigida
Periploca secamone
Persicaria microcephala
Persicaria microcephalum
Persicaria milletii
Pertya robusta
Perymenium berlandieri
Perymenium subsquarrosum
Petroselinum segetum
Peucedanum officinale
Phaca salsula
Phacelia campanularia
Phacelia sericea
Phalaris brachystachys
Phalaris caroliniana
Phalaris platensis
Phaseolus trilobus
Philadelphus cordifolius
Philadelphus karwinskianus
Philotria densa
Phleum alpinum
Phleum arcticum
Phleum capitatum
Phleum commutatum
Phleum geniculatum
Phleum gerardii
Phleum haenkeanum
Phleum parviceps
Phlomis floccosa
Phlomis kurdica
Phlomis umbrosa
Phrynium dudium
Phrynium limosum
Phyllanthus corcovadensis
Phyllanthus diffusus
Phyllostachys boryana
Phyllostachys henonis
Phyllostachys nigra
Phyllostachys puberula
Phyllostachys henonis
Physalis acutifolia
Physalis chenopodiifolia
Physalis cordata
Physalis divaricata
Physalis fendleri
Physalis foetens
Physalis greenei
Physalis heterophylla
Physalis ignota
Physalis lanceolata
Physalis macrophysa
Physalis mendocina
Physalis neesiana
Physalis nicandroides
Physalis origanifolia
Physalis orizabae
Physalis solanacae
Physalis sordida
Physalis subglabrata
Physalis virginiana
Physalis wrightii
Physianthus albens
Phytolacca bogotensis
Phytolacca heptandra
Phytolacca heteropetala
Phytolacca x acinosa group
Picnomon acarna
Picnomon acarna
Pilea mongolica
Pilea notata
Pilea pumila
Piliostigma reticulatum
Piliostigma thonningii
Pilosella aurantica
Pilosella officinarum
Pilosocereus spp.
Piper aduncum
Piper tuberculatum
Piptadenia macrocarpa
Piptadenia peregrina
Piptadenia uaupensis
Pistia stratiotes
Pistia stratiotes
Pithecellobium carbonarium
Pithecellobium dulce
Pithecellobium filamentosum
Pithecellobium graciliflorum
Pithecellobium ichekele
Pithecellobium lanceolatum
Pithecellobium ligustrinum
Pithecellobium pachypus
Pithecellobium unguis-cati
Plagiomnium cuspidatum
Plagiospermum sinense
Plantago arborescens
Plantago asiatica
Plantago camtschatica
Plantago depressa
Plantago hamiltoni
Plantago maritima
Plantago serraria
Plantago tibetica
Plantinia alpina
Platystoma africanum
Pluchea carolinensis
Pluchea lanceolata
Pluchea odorata
Pluchea purpurascens
Pluchea rosea
Pluchea sagittalis
Pluchea sericea
Pluchea symphytifolia
Poa acroleuca
Poa ampla
Poa balfourii
Poa bonariensis
Poa chaixii
Poa conglomerata
Poa crassinervis
Poa faberi
Poa flabellata
Poa flava
Poa glauca
Poa humilis
Poa khasiana
Poa lagopodoides
Poa leptoclada
Poa ligularis
Poa littoralis
Poa massauensis
Poa nipponica
Poa palustris
Poa patens
Poa plurinodis
Poa prolixior
Poa pungens
Poa remota
Poa repens
Poa schimperiana
Poa sikkimensis
Poa sinaica
Poa sphondylodes
Poa stenantha
Poa sterilis
Poa supina
Poa tibetica
Poa tunetana
Podachaenium eminens
Podalyria canescens
Pogostemon auricularia
Polaskia spp.
Polemonium cashmerianum
Polemonium delicatum
Polemonium liniflorum
Polemonium pulcherrimum
Polemonium yezoense
Pollia japonica
Polygala fruticosa
Polygonum chinense
Polygonum fagopyrum
Polygonum higegaweri
Polygonum longisetum
Polygonum milletii
Polygonum nepalense
Polygonum pensylvanicum
Polygonum perfoliatum
Polygonum punctatum
Polygonum scabrum
Polygonum segetum
Polygonum senticosum
Polygonum soo
Polygonum taipaishanense
Polygonum thunbergii
Polypara cochinchinensis
Pontederia crassipes
Porana racemosa
Poranthera ciliata
Poranthera nutans
Porophyllum ellipticum
Porophyllum macrocephalum
Porophyllum ruderale
Porophyllum ruderale subsp. macrocephalum
Potamogeton crispus
Potamogeton distintus
Potamogeton diversifolius
Potamogeton foliosus
Potamogeton gayii
Potamogeton natans
Potamogeton nodosus
Potamogeton ochreatus
Potamogeton pectinatus
Potamogeton tricarinatus
Potentilla amurensis
Potentilla anserinoides
Potentilla arguta
Potentilla canadensis
Potentilla canescens
Potentilla centigrana
Potentilla discolor
Potentilla diversifolia
Potentilla flagellaris
Potentilla fragarioides
Potentilla freyniana
Potentilla griffithii
Potentilla hickmanii
Potentilla hirta
Potentilla inclinata
Potentilla kleiniana
Potentilla lineata
Potentilla longifolia
Potentilla millegrana
Potentilla montana
Potentilla multicaulis
Potentilla newberryi
Potentilla norvegica
Potentilla procumbens
Potentilla pulvinata
Potentilla ranunculoides
Potentilla rivalis
Potentilla sibbaldii
Potentilla simplex
Potentilla sterilis
Potentilla tanacetifolia
Potentilla thuringiaca
Potentilla tridentata
Poterium spinosum
Prangos trifida
Prenanthes denticulata
Prenanthes hastata
Prenia pallens
Principia chinensis
Prinsepia sinensis
Proboscidea annua
Proboscidea fragrans
Proboscidea jussieui
Proboscidea louisianica
Proboscidea louisianica
Proboscidea lousiana
Prosopis alba
Prosopis chilensis
Prosopis cineraria
Prosopis laevigata
Prosopis nigra
Prosopis ruscifolia
Prosopis stephaniana
Prosopis tamarugo
Psathyrostachys caespitosa
Psathyrostachys fragilis
Psathyrostachys hyalantha
Psathyrostachys juncea
Psathyrostachys perennis
Psathyrostachys scabriphylla
Psoralea americana
Psoralea aphylla
Psoralea bituminosa
Psoralea coryfolia
Psoralea decumbens
Psoralea grandulosa
Ptereocactus spp.
Pterocactus spp.
Puccinellia borealis
Puccinellia gigantea
Puccinellia glaucescens
Puccinellia hauptiana
Puccinellia intermedia
Puccinellia kurilensis
Puccinellia limosa
Puccinellia maritima
Puccinellia nuttalliana
Puccinellia peisonis
Puccinellia sevangensis
Puccinellia simplex
Puccinellia tenuifolia
Pueraria hochstetteri
Quiabentia spp.
Radicula aquatica
Radyera urens
Ranunculus alexeenkoi
Ranunculus amansii
Ranunculus biternatus
Ranunculus canutii
Ranunculus crassipes
Ranunculus dalmaticus
Ranunculus garganicus
Ranunculus grandiflours
Ranunculus grandifolius
Ranunculus huecheaefolius
Ranunculus illyricus
Ranunculus megaphyllus
Ranunculus meridionalis
Ranunculus meyerianus
Ranunculus millefoliatus
Ranunculus mixtus
Ranunculus nemorosus
Ranunculus platanifolius
Ranunculus polyanthemoides
Ranunculus polyanthemorphyllus
Ranunculus polyanthemos
Ranunculus radicescens
Ranunculus sceleratus
Ranunculus scythicus
Ranunculus serpens
Ranunculus teneriffae
Ranunculus thomasii
Ranunculus tuberosus
Ratibida pinnata
Regnellidium diphyllum
Remusatia bulbifera
Remusatia vivipara
Reseda lutea
Restio virgatus
Reutealis trisperma
Rhagadiolus edulis
Rhagadiolus stellatus
Rhagodia gaudichaudiana
Rhamnus jujuba
Rhamnus mauritiana
Rhaponticum carthamoides
Rhaxia linearifolia
Rhigozum obovatum
Rhizophora mangle
Rhodiola semennovii
Rhodocoma capensis
Rhynchocarpa bainesii
Rhynchosia densiflora
Rhynchosia sublobata
Rhynchosia verdcourtii
Ricinophyllum horridum
Ricinus communis
Ridolfia segetum
Rivea corymbosa
Robinia halodendrum
Roemeria bicolor
Roemeria refracta
Roemeria rhoeadiflora
Rorippa aquatica
Rorippa austriaca
Rotala indica
Rotala ramosior
Rotala uliginosa
Rothia indica
Royena sericea
Rubus ‘Newberry’
Rubus fruticosus L. agg.
Rubus longepedicellatus
Rubus 'Natchez'
Rubus 'Prime Ark 45'
Rubus var. ‘Driscoll King George’
Rubus var. 'Brazos'
Rubus var. 'Driscoll Carmel aka DrisBlackone'
Rubus var. 'Driscoll Eureka'
Rubus var. 'Driscoll Thornless Sleeping Beauty'
Rubus var. 'Obsidian'
Rubus var. 'Tupi'
Rumex abyssinicus
Rumex acutus
Rumex bequaeti
Rumex domesticus
Rumex japonicus
Rumex longifolius
Saccharum sorghum
Sagittaria aginashi
Sagittaria chilensis
Sagittaria graminea
Sagittaria graminea
Sagittaria latifolia
Sagittaria montevidensis
Sagittaria montevidensis
Sagittaria platyphylla
Sagittaria pygmaea
Sagittaria trifolia
Salicornia europaea
Salicornia herbacea
Salix bebbiana
Salix exigua
Saloa insignis
Salpichroa origanifolia
Salpichroa rhomboidea
Salsola vermiculata
Salvinia spp.
Samolus osiris
Sanguisorba hakusanensis
Sanguisorba menziesii
Sapindus mukorossi
Saposhnikovia divaricata
Sarcopharyngia ventricosa
Saururopsis chinensis
Saururopsis cumingii
Saururus cernuus
Saururus chinensis
Saururus cumingii
Saururus loureiri
Saxifraga corymbosa
Saxifraga cymbalaria
Saxifraga derbekii
Saxifraga hookeri
Saxifraga huetiana
Saxifraga lutea
Saxifraga minor
Saxifraga pentadactylis
Saxifraga petraea
Saxifraga x ‘Southside Seedling’
Schedonorus eskia
Schickendantzia pygmaea
Schima superba
Schmidtia bulbosa
Schmidtia pappophoroides
Schoenoplectus spp.
Schwenkia americana
Scirpus brachyphyllus
Scirpus capillaris
Scirpus cubensis
Scirpus juncoides
Scirpus wallichii
Scoparia flava
Scoparia montevidensis
Scorpiurus subvillosus
Scorpiurus sulcatus
Scorpiurus vermiculatus
Scrophularia vernalis
Scutellaria epilobiifolia
Scutellaria galericulata
Securigera orientalis
Securigera securidaca
Sedum anacampseros
Sedum ewersii
Sedum rotundifolum
Seleniphyllum spp.
Selinum carvifolia
Senecio angustifolius
Senecio anteuphorbium
Senecio articulatis
Senecio aureus
Senecio bakeri
Senecio bupleuroides
Senecio burchellii
Senecio citriformis
Senecio consanguineus
Senecio corymbiferus
Senecio cotyledonis
Senecio crassissimus
Senecio decaryi
Senecio dettoides
Senecio doronicum
Senecio elliottii
Senecio elongatus
Senecio fulgens
Senecio glabellus
Senecio glastifolius
Senecio globsus
Senecio gramineus
Senecio grantii
Senecio hallianus
Senecio herreianus
Senecio hieracifolia
Senecio hieraciifolius
Senecio inacquidens
Senecio incanus
Senecio inornatus
Senecio isatideus
Senecio isosensis
Senecio jacobaea
Senecio jacobaea
Senecio jacobcenianus
Senecio junceus
Senecio juniperus var juniperus
Senecio junodianus
Senecio kleinia
Senecio latifolius
Senecio leucanthemifolius
Senecio longiflorus
Senecio longipetalus
Senecio madagascariensis
Senecio mandraliscae
Senecio moorei
Senecio obovatus
Senecio oligophyllus
Senecio oxyriaefolius
Senecio pellucidus
Senecio phonolithicus
Senecio polyodon
Senecio pterophorus
Senecio pterophorus
Senecio retrorsus
Senecio rotundus
Senecio rowleyanus
Senecio ruderalis
Senecio serpens
Senecio sylvaticus
Senecio thapsoides
Senecio webbii
Senna alata
Senna obtusifolia
Senna pendula
Senna tora
Senna tora var. obtusifolia
Serratula arvensis
Serratula coronaria
Serratula coronata
Serratula manshurica
Serratula martini
Serratula wolfii
Seseli libanotis
Sesleria lagopoides
Sessea brasiliensis
Setaria acromelaena
Setaria aequalis
Setaria faberi
Setaria faberi
Setaria homonyma
Setaria poiretiana
Seymoria asarifolia
Sibbaldia procumbens
Sibbaldiopsis tridentata
Sida leprosa
Sieversia paradoxa
Silene baccifera
Silene caroliniana
Silene caucasica
Silene ciliata
Silene pusilla
Silene pygmaea
Silene rupestris
Silene sibirica
Silene thessalonica
Silphium laciniatum
Silphium laciniatum var. Laciniatum
Silphium laciniatum var. Robinsonii
Silphium perfoliatum
Sinacalia tangutica
Sinoplagiospermum sinense
Sium sisarum
Smilacina bifolia
Smilacina canadensis
Smyrnium aureum
Snowdenia polystachya
Solanum alatum
Solanum carolinense
Solanum carolinense
Solanum cyananthum
Solanum dimidatum
Solanum dubium
Solanum elaeagnifolium
Solanum elaeagnifolium
Solanum glaucum
Solanum gracile
Solanum grossedatum
Solanum tampicense
Solanum viarum
Solanum xanthocarpum
Sonchus arvensis
Sorghastrum albescens
Sorghastrum avenaceum
Sorghastrum flexvosum
Sorghastrum linnaeanum
Sorghastrum nutans
Sorghastrum stipoides
Sorghastrum viride
Sorghum almum
Sorghum arundinaceum
Sorghum avenaceum
Sorghum halepense
Sorghum nutans
Spartium decumbens
Spathium chinense
Sphaeranthus suaveolens
Sphaerophysa salsula
Sphenoclea zeylanica
Sphondylium lanatum
Spiesia lambertii
Spilanthes acmella
Spirodela polyrhiza
Spirogyra spp.
Stachys artemisia
Stanleya pinnata
Statice caroliniana
Stellaria uglinosa
Stemmacantha carthamoides
Stenocactus arrigens
Stenocereus spp.
Stenophyllus capillaris
Stetsonia spp.
Stipa brachychaeta
Stipa brachychaeta
Stipa calamagrostis
Stipa capensis
Stipa cernua
Stipa charruana
Stipa cirrosa
Stipa geniculata
Stipa mendocina
Stipa neesiana
Stipa oreophila
Stipa parviflora
Stipa retorta
Stipa robusta
Stipa subulata
Stipa tenuissima
Stipa trichotoma
Stipa villosa
Stizolobium pruritum
Stobaea grandifolia
Stobaea multijuga
Stobaea purpurea
Stobaea speciosa
Stoebe cinera
Stoebe plumosa
Stratiotes aloides
Stratiotes aloides
Streptopus amplexifolius
Streptopus distortus
Striga angustifolia
Striga asiatica
Striga hirsuta
Striga lutea
Strobaea grandifolia
Strobaea multijuga
Strobaea purpurea
Strobaea speciosa
Strychnos grayi
Strychnos nux-vomica
Subalatopuntia spp.
Swainsona salsula
Symphoricarpos glomeratus
Symphoricarpos orbiculatus
Symphoricarpos oreophilus
Symphoricarpos symphoricarpos
Symphoricarpos vulgaris
Symphyotrichum oolentangiense
Symphyotrichum prenanthoides
Syncarpha gnaphaloides
Syrmatium nevadense
Tabernaemontana chrysocarpa
Tabernaemontana usambarensis
Tabernaemontana ventricosa
Taeniatherum caput-medusae
Tagetes integrifolia
Tamarix aphylla
Tamus communis
Tanacetum haradjanii
Tanacetum nivenum
Taraxacum albidum
Taraxacum andinum
Taraxacum gilliesii
Taraxacum ibari
Taraxacum magellanicum
Taraxacum pamiricum
Taraxacum pseudoroseum
Taraxacum rhusiocarpum
Teloxys aristata
Tephrosia apollinea
Tephrosia bracteolata
Tephrosia oroboides
Tephrosia subtriflora
Tephrosia trifolia
Tephrosia trifoliata
Tephrosia uniflora
Tephrosia villosa
Terminalia ivorensis
Terminalia mantaly
Tetragonolobus aegaeus
Tetragonolobus biflorus
Tetragonolobus maritimus
Tetragonolobus palaestinus
Tetragonolobus siliquosus
Teucrium canadense
Teucrium orientale
Thalictrum adiantifolium
Thalictrum alpestre
Thalictrum alpinum
Thalictrum caffrum
Thalictrum collinum
Thalictrum flexuosum
Thalictrum foetidum
Thalictrum jacqinianum
Thalictrum kemense
Thalictrum kochii
Thalictrum majus
Thalictrum medium
Thalictrum minus
Thalictrum squarrosum
Thalictrum transsilvanicum
Thamnochortus insignis
Thelesperma gracile
Thelesperma megapotamicum
Thermopsis caroliniana
Thermopsis montana
Thlaspi zaffranii
Thlaspi cepaeifolium
Thlaspi cepifolium
Thlaspi microphyllum
Tilia oliveri
Tinantia erecta
Tinantia fugax
Tithymalus regis-jubae
Tofieldia alpina
Tofieldia calyculata
Tofieldia palustris
Tordyline anthriscus
Torilis japonica
Torilis rubella
Tortipes amplexifolius
Toxicodendron radicans
Toxicodendron radicans
Trachelospermum gracilipes
Tradescantia erecta
Tradescantia gracilis
Tradescantia latifolia
Tragia benthami
Trapa bicornis
Trapa bispinosa
Trapa maximowiczii
Trapa natans
Trapa quadrispinosa
Tremastelma palaestinum
Trichachne nutans
Trichostema dichotomum
Tridens flavus
Trifolium albopurpureum
Trifolium bicephalum
Trifolium catalinae
Trifolium caudatum
Trifolium columbinum
Trifolium congestum
Trifolium corniculatum
Trifolium creticum
Trifolium dalmaticum
Trifolium flavulum
Trifolium fucatum
Trifolium furcatum
Trifolium gambelii
Trifolium haussknechtii
Trifolium helleri
Trifolium insularum
Trifolium macraei
Trifolium majus
Trifolium meironense
Trifolium mercedense
Trifolium microcephalum
Trifolium miegeanum
Trifolium neolagopus
Trifolium obtusiflorum
Trifolium olivaceum
Trifolium patens
Trifolium physopetalum
Trifolium pseudo-albopurpureum
Trifolium roscidum
Trifolium subsalinum
Trifolium traskae
Trifolium trichocephalum
Trifolium ultramontanum
Trifolium variegatum
Trifolium virescens
Trigonella aruata
Trigonella cancellata
Trigonella corniculata
Trigonella grandiflora
Trigonella striata
Trigonella tenuis
Triplaris americana
Triplaris cumingiana
Triticum bicorne
Triticum biunciale
Triticum columnare
Triticum comosum
Triticum crassum
Triticum cylindricum
Triticum dichasians
Triticum distans
Triticum fuegianum
Triticum juncellum
Triticum juvenile
Triticum kotschyi
Triticum lasianthum
Triticum longissimum
Triticum lorentii
Triticum macrochaetum
Triticum magellanicum
Triticum markgrafii
Triticum neglectum
Triticum orientale var. lanuginosum
Triticum orientale var. lasianthum
Triticum ovatum
Triticum persicum
Triticum plathyatherum
Triticum pubiflorum
Triticum rectum
Triticum sharonense
Triticum speltoides
Triticum subulatum
Triticum syriacum
Triticum tauschii
Triticum triaristatum
Triticum tripsacoides
Triticum truinciale
Triticum turcomanocum
Triticum umbellulatum
Triticum uniaristatum
Triticum vagans
Triticum variabile
Triticum ventricosum
Tritonia crocosmiiflora
Tritonia x crocosmiiflora
Tritoniopsis caffra
Tussilago anandria
Tussilago lyrata
Typhonodorum lindleyanum
Typhonodorum madagascariensis
Ulex europaeus
Unifolium canadense
Uvularia amplexifolia
Vania campylophylla
Vatkea diandra
Viola borealis
Viola carnosula
Viola conilii
Viola crassicornis
Viola declinata
Viola egglestonii
Viola franchetii
Viola imberbis
Viola ishidoyana
Viola iwagawe
Viola kamtschatica
Viola matsumurae
Viola nipponica
Viola phalacrocarpa
Viola phalacrocarpoides
Viola pseudoprionantha
Viola reinii
Viola rossi
Viola selkirkii
Viola seoulensis
Viola septemloba subs. egglestonii
Viola somchetica
Viola umbrosa
Viola villosa
Waldsteinia fragarioides
Wangenheimia disticha
Wangenheimia lima
Wedelia glauca
Weingaertneria canescens
Withania origanifolia
Xanthium pensylvanicum
Xanthocephalum amoenum var. intermedium
Xanthocephalum dracuncloides
Ximenia aegyptiaca
Youngia denticulata
Youngia hastata
Zanthoxylum fagara
Zehntnerella spp.
Zigadenus muscaetoxicum
Zizania spp.
Zizia aurea
Ziziphus jujuba (L.) Gaertn.
Ziziphus jujuba Mill. var. spinosa
Ziziphus jujube var. deserticola
Ziziphus mairei
Ziziphus mauritiana Lam.
Ziziphus mauritiana var. orthacantha
Ziziphus poiretii
Ziziphus rotundata
Ziziphus spinosa
Zosterella dubia
Zygophyllum fabago​