Victorian Gippsland Regional Forest Agreement

The Gippsland Regional Forest Agreement (RFA) is one of five RFAs in Victoria. The Australian and Victorian governments signed the Gippsland RFA on 31 March 2000, establishing the framework for the sustainable management of the forests in the Gippsland RFA region.

Victorian RFAs five-yearly reviews

It is a requirement of the Victorian Gippsland RFA that its performance is reviewed every five years. The details of the Victorian Gippsland RFA review process is outlined in the agreement.

The Victorian Government has reported on its five RFAs collectively:

Historical Publications

Many historical publications informed the development of the Gippsland RFA and continue to underpin the management of forests covered by the agreement.

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Comprehensive Regional Assessment:

Directions or Options Report:

Ecologically Sustainable Forest Management Report:

Environment Reports:


Resource Reports:

Social and Economic Reports:

Annual Reports