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Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement

The Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement (RFA) provides a framework for the sustainable management of Tasmania’s public and privately owned forests. The Australian and Tasmanian governments signed the RFA on 8 November 1997. It is a 20-year agreement that covers the entire state.

The Tasmanian Land Tenure Maps identify the extent of the comprehensive adequate and representative reserve system in Tasmania:

  • Land Tenure (November 1997): A2 GIF [144 KB]
  • Land Tenure (November 1997): A0 GIF [439 KB]

The Tasmanian Land Use Map identifies the area of reserves, private and multiple use land in Tasmania:

  • Land Use (no date): A4 GIF [28 KB]

Variations to the Tasmanian RFA

A variation to the Tasmanian RFA was signed on 19 July 2001 by the Australian and Tasmanian governments. The variations focus on compensation and termination provisions.

A Supplementary Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement was signed by the two governments on 13 May 2005 as part of the Tasmanian Community Forest Agreement (TCFA). The TCFA is a joint commitment of the Australian and Tasmanian governments to enhance protection of Tasmania's forest environment and growth in the Tasmanian forest industry and forestry jobs.

A variation to the Tasmanian RFA PDF [200 KB] was signed on 23 February 2007 by the Australian and Tasmanian governments.

Extending the Tasmanian RFA

The Australian and Tasmanian governments have committed to establish a 20-year rolling extension to the Tasmanian RFA.

In extending the RFA, the governments will maintain the Agreement’s key objectives:

  • certainty of resource access and supply to Tasmania’s forestry industry,
  • ecologically sustainable forest management and use of Tasmania’s productive forests, and
  • a Comprehensive, Adequate and Representative reserve system.

The governments have decided to undertake additional consultation on extending the Tasmanian RFA.

Stakeholders have had an initial opportunity to provide feedback (from 17 April to 12 June 2015) about extending the Tasmanian RFA, as part of the third five-yearly RFA review.

This initial feedback, and the Independent Reviewer’s report to the Australian and Tasmanian Governments on the third five-yearly review of the Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement PDF Icon PDF [1.2 MB], has informed the focus of this additional consultation.

Stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on potential improvements to the Tasmanian RFA framework.

For further information about the consultation process, including how to get involved, visit the Tasmanian Government Department of State Growth.

Tasmanian RFA five-yearly reviews

It is a requirement of the Tasmanian RFA that its performance is reviewed every five years. The details of the Tasmanian RFA review process is outlined in the agreement.

Further information on each of the Tasmanian RFA five-yearly reviews and government responses are available:

Historical publications

Many historical publications informed the development of the Tasmanian RFA and continue to underpin the management of forests covered by the agreement.

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