New South Wales Southern Regional Forest Agreement

The Southern Regional Forest Agreement (RFA) is one of three RFAs in New South Wales. The Australian and New South Wales governments signed the Southern RFA on 24 April 2001, establishing the framework for the sustainable management of the forests in the Southern RFA region.

The Southern Land Tenure and Zoning Map (January 2001) PDF [169 KB] identifies the extent of the comprehensive adequate and representative reserve system in the Southern RFA region.

New South Wales RFAs five-yearly reviews

It is a requirement of the Southern RFA that its performance is reviewed every five years. The details of the Southern RFA review process is outlined in the agreement.

The New South Wales Government has reported on its three RFAs collectively:

Historical Publications

Many historical publications informed the development of the Southern RFA and continue to underpin the management of forests covered by the agreement.

There are also historical statewide publications that informed the development of the three RFAs in NSW.

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Comprehensive Regional Assessment:

Cultural and Heritage Reports:

Directions or Options Reports

Ecologically Sustainable Forest Management Report:

Environment Reports:


Resource Reports:

Social and Economic Reports:

Annual Reports:

Annual reports were required for the first five years of each RFA.