Recommended indicators for monitoring social and economic impacts of forestry over time in Australia

​​Report prepared for Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry by the Fenner School of Environment and Society,​

June 2008

J. Schirmer, E. Loxton and A. Campbell-Wilson

  1. Introduction

  2. Summary of recommended indicators and other studies needed

    2.1 Recommended indicators
    2.2 Other studies needed

  3. Assessing social and economic impacts

  4. What information is needed about social and economic impacts of forestry?

  5. Current data availability

  6. Recommended indicators - methods

    6.1 Characteristics of the forest industry: recommended indicators
    6.2 Impacts of the forest industry on the broader community: recommended indicators
    6.3 Impacts of the forest industry on its workforce: recommended indicators
    6.4 Impacts of the forest industry on Indigenous people: recommended indicators

  7. Other work needed to understand social and economic impacts

    7.1 Indigenous capacity to work in the forest sector
    7.2 Perceptions, attitudes and values
    7.3 Indirect impact of forest industry on employment and spending
    7.4 Studies examining subjective experiences of impact
    7.5 Studies to better understand the adaptability of forest-dependent communities and forestry workers
    7.7 Rate of road accidents attributable to forest industry-related road use
    7.8 Community engagement

  8. Conclusions

  9. Reference