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Code of Conduct for Responsible Fishing

​​ The Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (the Code) was initiated in 1991 by the FAO Committee on Fisheries.  The code, was unanimously adopted on 31 October 1995 by the over 170 member Governments of the FAO Conference (including Australia).

The Code is voluntary.  However, certain parts of it are based on relevant rules of international law.  The Code provides principles and standards applicable to the conservation, management and development of all fisheries.  It also covers the capture, processing and trade of fish and fishery products, fishing operations, aquaculture, fisheries research and integration of fisheries into coastal area management.  Read more about the Code.

IPOAs are voluntary instruments elaborated within the framework of the Code. They apply to all states and entities and to all fishers. The following four IPOAs have been developed to date: