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JAEPA quota position​

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Quota position for JAEPA commodities (as at 8 November 2018)

Quota typeTotal quota for Year 5 (tonnes)Issued amount (to the nearest tonne)% remainingNumber of certificates issued
Bovine Offal18,60013,355283,554
Preserved/prepared meats 12,38010994
Preserved/prepared meats 26,5002,12267142
Apple juice1,6001848828
Orange juice1,3003557334

Quota position b​y quarter for JAEPA edible bovine offal (as at 8 November 2018)​

PeriodAvailableIssued (tonnes)Certificates issuedIssued (%)
Quarter 14,6504,6501,264100
Quarter 24,6504,6501,248100
Quarter 34,6504,055104287
Quarter 44,650000
Total for Year 5​​ 18,600 13,355 3,554 72

Historical JAEPA quota position​

EU and US 2018 dairy quota position

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Quota position for FTA dairy products (as at 1 November 2018)

Quota typeTotal quota (kg/L)Total shipped (kg/L)% shippedFCFS available
American Cheese (A)713,00000Yes
Butter (B)2,203,000426,57519No
Condensed Milk (D)6,399,00000Yes
Other Milk Powders (F)6,660,00080,000 1Yes
Cheddar Cheese (H)1,101,000 811,46474No
Ice Cream (I)7,998,50000Yes
Skim Milk Powder (K)147,00000Yes
Other Dairy Products (L)3,199,000 601,35119Yes
Cream (M)7,998,50000Yes
Other Cheese (O)6,600,000 262,112​​4Yes
Swiss Cheese (T)943,00000Yes
European Cheese (U)3,771,0001,2350Yes
Goya Cheese (Z)4,714,00000Yes

Historical FTA Dairy quota position​

Quota position for WTO dairy products (as at 1 November 2018)

Quota typeTotal quota (kg/L)Total shipped (kg/L)% shippedFCFS available
EU Cheddar Bulk (E)3,711,000479,74013Yes
EU Cheese for processing (P)500,00000Yes
US Cheddar Cheese (C)1,465,501709,84048Yes
US Swiss Cheese (S)290,30200Yes
US Granular Cheese (G)119,00000Yes
NSPF Cheese (N)2,508,83000Yes

Historical WTO Dairy quota position​

EU and US red meat quota position

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Quota position for EU HQB, EU sheepm​eat and goatmeat and US beef (as at 13 November 2018)

Quota typeTotal quotaShipped% quota shippedBalance remainingNon-quota shipments
EU HQB (2018-19)7,150,0003,312,58746%3,837,4131,260
USA Beef423,214,000 220,617,21852% 202,518,528 432,836
EU Sheepmeat19,186,00018,848,85198% 330,803807,326

Note: Balances may not add due to administrative processes.

See Australian red meat export statistics for the latest meat export figures and end-of-month reports.

Historical EU and US red meat quota position​

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