Registering as a small horticultural products registered establishment

​​The department recently implemented new fees for horticultural exports that coincided with legislative amendments. Under the legislation and the charging guidelines, some horticulture exporters may be eligible for a reduced registered establishment fee of $600 per financial year (or part financial year) if they are eligible to be registered as a ‘small horticultural products registered establishment’ (small establishment).

Not all horticultural products or registered establishments will be eligible. To be considered a small establishment for this purpose, exporters need to meet specific requirements including an export tonnage limit.

Eligibility criteria

New and existing exporters are able to apply for registration as a small horticulture products registered establishment.

New exporters should familiarise themselves with their responsibilities as an exporter prior to applying. You will need to meet all requirements for registering an establishment.

To be eligible for registration as a small horticulture products registered establishment you must:

  • only use your establishment to produce and prepare for export a single eligible horticultural product identified in Table 1
  • not occupy any other registered establishment within the financial year
  • be the grower of the single horticultural product
  • ensure the total amount you produce and prepare for export at your registered establishment does not exceed the amount allowed identified in Table 1.

Eligible horticultural product

The total tonnage of horticultural product produced and prepared for export at a registered establishment must not exceed the maximum tonnage specified in Table 1 within the financial year.

The department will audit exports and registered establishment activities to ensure small horticultural products registered establishments remain within the requirements.

Table 1: Total amount of eligible horticultural products that can be produced and exported per financial year as a Small Horticultural Products Registered Establishment
ProductMaximum tonnage per year
Apples or pears (either or both)400
Leafy vegetable10
Stone fruit (except cherries)400
Strawberries and Berries (either or both)5
Table grapes400
Vegetables other than leafy vegetables100


If your registered small establishment does not meet these requirements at any point within the financial year, you will be charged the full rate for your registered establishment as outlined in the charging guidelines.

The registration of new establishments also attracts a once-off $600 application fee, which is in addition to the annual charge based on the charging guidelines. Where registration has lapsed or the establishment was deregistered, an establishment will need to undergo a new registration process and pay the $600 application fee.

Registering as a small horticultural products registered establishment

To register as a small horticultural products registered establishment, return the completed application form to:


Business System Program
Plant Export Operations
Department of Agriculture and Water Resources
GPO Box 858
Canberra ACT 2601

Email  Regestplant

Authorised officer model

Small exporters may also find further savings through the use of the Plant Exports Authorised Officer (AO) Model. Until recently only departmental authorised officers were permitted to undertake inspections of goods for protocol markets. Within the AO Model, external authorised officers can inspect goods exported under protocol market access arrangements under the Export Horticulture Protocol job function.