Export Industry Advice Notices – Plant Export Operations 2017

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​ Export Industry Advice notices 2017
​12 May 2017​2017-19Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme (AWPCS) – summary of major changes to AWPCS handbook guidelines​
5 May 20172017-18Representative sampling and sub-sampling of grain and plant products - Grain and Seed Exports Program
2 May 20172017-17 Horticulture Exports Program – Export application due dates and weeks of audit – Lychee exports to the United States of America – Mango exports to the United States of America, China, Japan and the Republic of Korea
28 Apr 20172017-16 Horticulture Exports Program – Exports of fresh fruit and vegetables to New Zealand
27 Apr 20172017-15 Horticulture Exports Program – Reminder of the procedures for container seals for exports to Japan
21 Apr 20172017-14 (Rescinded) ​Grain and Seed Expo​rts Program– Grain sampling and sub-sampling
21 Apr 20172017-13 Grain and Seed Exports Program – Exporter and registered establishment lists for wheat and barley exports to China
12 Apr 20172017-12 Horticulture Exports Program – Suspension of rockmelons and honeydew melons to New Zealand
6 Apr 20172017-11 Grain and Seed Exports Program – Processed plant products being detained in India
30 Mar 20172017-10 Plant Export Operations – Severe weather in South East Queensland update
27 Mar 20172017-09 Authorised officer program – Up to date Authorised Officer contact details needed for SMS notifications
23 Mar 20172017-08 Authorised officer program – Package assisting small exporters
20 Mar 20172017-07 Business Systems Program - Update to Plant Export Certificates
1 Mar 20172017-06 Business Systems Program – Replacement Document Charges
27 Feb 20172017-05 Horticulture Exports Program – In-transit cold treatment certification requirements for 2017 Japan table grapes and citrus exports
22 Feb 20172017-04 Grain and Seed Exports Program – Instructional material
1 Feb 20172017-03 Business Systems Program – Cessation of Plant Export Approved Arrangements
17 Jan 20172017-02 Plant Export Operations – RFPs must be accurate prior to inspection
5 Jan 20172017-01 Grain and Seed Exports Program – Quality System Recognition Guideline and Work Instruction
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