Product Hygiene Indicator

​​​The Product Hygiene Indicator (PHI) Program identifies a number of key performance indicators (KPIs) which when combined   produce an index, the Product Hygiene Index, which is a measure of hygienic meat production at individual export establishments. The KPIs can be used within an establishment to monitor and assess performance of process control and can be used across establishments to compare performance against other similar slaughter and boning operations.

1. Objectives of the System

The objective of the PHI Program is to provide an objective measure of hygienic meat production.

2. The Key Performance Indicators

KPIs have been selected or developed based on their ability to address hazards identified through an industry wide whole of chain risk assessment of the Australian red meat production system against the requirements of Australian Standard AS4696. The focus of the PHI Program is on preventing contamination by enteric pathogens and on the application of good refrigeration to ensure that there is minimal growth of micro-organisms in the event of undetected contamination. Refrigeration is adequately controlled through the application of the Refrigeration Index.

Some of the KPIs are an objective measure of the wholesomeness of the meat through the process chain. Others verify the microbiological quality of product produced during that process. The Product Hygiene Index is derived from the values for the individual KPIs.

Guidance on how to complete and interpret the data entered into a PHI submission sheet and guidance on the interpretation of performance against other establishments in the National PHI Summary Data Sheet can be found in the following two documents:


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Below are the current PHI submission sheets for use by industry and Department of Agriculture and Water Resources on-plant field supervisors.

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