Independent Employer of AAOs Accreditation Scheme

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​​​​​​​​​What is Accreditation?​

Accreditation is a formal, third party endorsement by a national accreditation body of an organisation’s competence, credibility, independence and integrity to perform specific activities. It provides a means to identify a proven, competent evaluator so tha​t the selection of a particular organisation is an informed choice. National accreditation means the organisation can demonstrate to its customer that it has been successful at meeting the requirements of international accreditation standards.

Using the accredited route has the advantage of a single transparent and repeatable approach. Over time this should improve consistency, resulting in better risk management. It provides an alternative means of ensuring the reliability of activities that have the potential to impact on public confidence or the national reputation.

Accreditation by national accreditation bodies such as JAS-ANZ, NATA in Australia means that these evaluating organisations have been assessed against internationally recognised standards to demonstrate their competence, impartiality and performance capability.

The Independent Employer of AAOs Accreditation Scheme

It is a scheme developed by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to provide for the employment of Australian Government Authorised Officers (AAOs) by independent employment providers. Under the Scheme, agencies will supply AAOs to Australian export slaughter establishments to meet EU standards.

The scheme applies to inspectors undertaking on line post mortem inspection on EU plants. The scheme will be certified against ISO/IEC 17020:2012, by engaging Australian registered National Accreditation Bodies to evaluate independent employers of AAOs as a means of increasing overseas competent authority confidence.

For the EU market, AAOs must be employed by an independent AAO employer approved by the department to supply AAOs.

Documents you need

Deed of Obligations for AAOs employed by an independent AAO employer

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, 2015.

The deeds of obligations is for a meat safety inspector employed by an approved independent service provider undertaking the role of an Australian Government Authorised Officer.


DocumentPagesFile size
Deed of Obligations for AAOs employed by an independent AAO employer PDF PDF Icon11263 KB
Deed of Obligations for AAOs employed by an independent AAO employer DOC Word Icon11137 KB

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Training material

*materials and standards are available on a password protected site to conditionally approved and approved independent AAO employers, national accreditation bodies and MINTRAC.

Information contained within each document​

To assist you locating information on certain requirements, the following table identifies requirements against each of the relevant documents referenced (marked with an ‘X’) above.

ItemAuthorised Officer PolicyIndependent Employer of AAOs Accreditation SchemeDeed of Obligations for AAOs Employed by an IAEFact Sheet for IAEsFact Sheet for Abattoir owners/
Fact Sheet for AAOsAEMIS Information PackageInformation on AAO Application ProcessInstructional Material on sharepoint link
Timeframe to implement Independent AAO Employer Model
X XX X   
Options to meet EU listing requirements
 X  X X   
Meat inspection activities XXXXXX XX
AAO employment restrictions X XX X XX  
Impartiality of IAE XXXX      
AAO Models X   X X   

Approved Independent AAO Employer Schedules

To view the scope of approval of an organisation that has applied to be approved as an Independent AAO Employer, click on the Notice of Determination tab for that company.

Only organisations with a type A accreditation against ISO/IEC 17020:2012 will be considered by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to provide a resource pool of AAOs to export registered abattoirs which have EU listing (i.e. the organisation shall meet the criteria of ISO/IEC 17020:2012 annex A.1 (normative). Users should contact the organisation for specific details of the accredited scope.

If 'suspended' is shown against an organisation's name, please refer to that organisation for further details. 

Approved Independent AAO Employer Bodies to ISO/IEC 17020

Date IssuedCompany NameStatus of determinationNotice of Determination
02.05.2018Meat Inspectors Pty LtdApprovedNotice PDF PDF Icon [84 KB]
19.06.2018Eville and Jones Food Safety Operations Pty LtdApprovedNotice PDFPDF Icon [225 KB]
16.02.2017Eville and Jones Australia Pty LtdApprovedNotice PDFPDF Icon [225 KB]
18.06.2018Labour Solutions Pty LtdApprovedNotice PDFPDF Icon [228 KB]
06.06.2018Great Southern Group Training Inc
trading as ATC Work Smart
ApprovedNotice PDFPDF Icon [84 KB]
12.09.2018Reserve Support Services Pty LimitedApprovedNotice PDFPDF Icon [228 KB]
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