EUCAS: Farms

​Farms must be EUCAS accredited if they want to produce animals that can be used to produce meat for export to the EU. A farm is an area of land covered by a single Property Identification Code (PIC) under State or Territory legislation. To obtain a PIC please contact your local state representative.

The following documents relate to EUCAS accreditation for farms:

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This document outlines the rules of the EUCAS and provides general administrative instructions to those delegated to administer the scheme:


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European Union Cattle Accreditation Scheme Rules

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Application for accreditation

Non-EU breeding animals

EUCAS accredited producers may seek departmental approval for Non-EUCAS animals to be brought onto an EU PIC for the purposes of breeding. All Non-EU breeding animals must be HGP free and will not be eligible for EU status. Non-EU breeding females remain in the system as not eligible for the EU, but their offspring will be eligible.

The Non-EU females must have been born and bred on the farm of origin, be properly NLIS identified and attested to be HGP free. The Non-EU breeding bulls must be HGP free. You may purchase cows, heifers or pregnant females but cows with calves at foot are not permitted.


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Application for non-EUCAS breeding animals to enter a EUCAS-accredited property3PDF194 KB

Application for approval to transfer approved non EU breeders between EU accredited properties


Agistment guidelines for EUCAS Cattle

Additional EUCAS forms

Audit strategy for farms


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Audit Strategy3PDF22 KB
Farm Audit Strategy3PDF30 KB
Farm Audit Strategy3Word43 KB

List of Accredited Farms


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Accredited Producers1XLS644 KB