European Union Cattle Accreditation Scheme EUCAS

​​​​​The European Union Cattle Accreditation Scheme (EUCAS) is a national animal production scheme that guarantees full traceability of all animals through the  National Livestock Identification System (NLIS), linking individual animal identification to a central database. EUCAS allows Australia to meet the European Union (EU) market requirements for beef by segregating cattle that have never been treated with hormonal growth promotants (HGPs) at any time.

EUCAS accredited farms are audited on both a random and targeted basis. EUCAS feedlots and saleyard are audited annually and their ongoing accreditation depends on a successful audit. If a farm, feedlot or saleyard are found not to be complying with the requirements of the scheme the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources​ reserves the right to revoke their accreditation. 

For information on EUCAS phone the toll free helpline Monday to Friday AEST (8am—4pm) on 1800 305 544 or email the EUCAS Coordinator.

For further information on the NLIS phone 1800 654 743 or visit Meat and Livestock Australia’s website.