All Livestock Exports

​​​​​​​​​​​​​The all livestock exports report is updated monthly and includes exports by sea and air. The report is compiled from information on the export permit and health certificate issued by the department to exporters at the time of departure.

The Excel spreadsheet will allow you to download and develop reports based on:

  • Market​
  • Mode of transport
  • End use
  • Port or state of export
  • Species
  • Quantity
  • Year or month of export.

To generate the data you are interested in, please download the Excel file and select the filter drop down arrow located in the grey highlighted header.

Screenshot of Livestock exports spreadsheet showing the first header row. Each row has a dropdown arrow allowing a user to sort the spreadsheet content.

Please note: you are able to use multiple filters at one time – for example:

  1. Select the drop down arrow in Mode and select NOI-AIR
  2. Select the drop down arrow in State and select NSW
  3. Select the drop down arrow in Year and select 2017

These filtered fields will then provide you with the number of air consignments exported from NSW during 2017.

To clear any filtered selections, click on Sort & Filter and then Clear.

Screenshot of Microsoft Excel showing the Sort & Filter menu. The cursor is hovering over the Clear option.


DocumentPagesFile size
All livestock exports by market 2014-2019​ XLSX​​ 11.1 MB

If you have difficulty accessing these files, visit web accessibility for assistance.