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Table grapes from the USA

The following list contains documents relating to the import risk analysis on table grapes from the USA.

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03 Nov 06

Revised conditions for the importation of Californian table grapes





16 May 03

Revised import conditions

Revised import conditions Attachment 1





N/A 12 Feb 02 Policy determination 101kb 45kb
2002/05 14 Feb 02 Augmented quarantine import conditions 102kb 42kb
N/A CSIRO report on pierce's disease and the glassy winged sharpshooter 224kb 202kb
2001/03 01 Mar 01  Recommendations of CSIRO scientists (CSIRO report) 33kb 20kb
N/A Jun 2000 Supplementary paper to the final IRA 945kb 296kb
2000/08 28 Jun 00 Supplement to the final IRA report 24kb 17kb
N/A 21 Feb 00 Notification of appeals on final IRA report 25kb 11kb
N/A 13 Jan 00 Distribution of final IRA 28kb 14kb
N/A Mar 99 Draft IRA report 926kb 265kb
N/A 19 Mar 99 Distribution of draft IRA report 29kb 12kb
N/A 27 May 99 Advice on requests for extensions to consultation period 26kb 13kb
N/A 12 Oct 98 Determination on type of process 28kb 11kb
N/A 03 Mar 98 Consultation on type of process 35kb 15kb
N/A 11 Dec 97 Notification letter for table grapes from the USA 29kb 10kb

If you can't download the files, a copy can be obtained from:

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