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Prawns and Prawn Products

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The following list contains documents relating to the import risk analysis for prawn and prawn products.
NumberDateDescription Word PDF
2018-1030 May 18New import conditions for breaded, battered and crumbed prawns imported for human consumption  
2018-0626 Mar 18 Prawns and prawn products from all countries for human consumption  
N/A 16 Mar 18Prawn roundtable meeting Feb 2018 - Summary report 702 KB 984 KB
2017/1230 Jun 17 End of prawn suspension and import conditions for prawns and prawn products for human consumption
2017/1015 Jun 17 Planned changes to the interim import conditions for uncooked prawns and uncooked prawn meat
2017/0716 May 17 Prawns and prawn products from all countries for human consumption
N/A Final generic import risk analysis (IRA) report for prawns and prawn products
N/A IRA team meeting summaries
2010/1122 Apr 10 Quarantine policy determination for prawns and prawn products
2009/257 Oct 09

Generic import risk analysis report for prawns and prawn products

Release of final import risk analysis report for prawns and prawn products

3.8 MB 1.2 MB
2009/185 Aug 09 Prawns and prawn products import risk analysis update
2009/0823 Apr 09 Update – draft final IRA report referred to the Eminent Scientists Group



12 Sep 08

Importation of prawns and prawn products: Amended interim quarantine measures

Interim quarantine measures

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68 KB

N/A30 Jul 07Expressions of interest - testing samples of prawns and prawn products 398 KB
2007/1624 Jul 07Importation of prawns and prawn products - revised interim quarantine measures 73 KB 101 KB





20 Jun 07

Status report


Summary of key findings of the National survey of bait and berley use by recreational fishers: Follow-up survey focusing on prawns/shrimps

Bait and berley follow-up survey of recreational fishers, January 2007

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28 KB

32 KB

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20 Jun 07 Submissions in response to draft IRA report



23 Nov 06

Biosecurity Australia media release: Draft import risk analysis report for prawns

Former Minister for Fisheries, Forestry and Conservation media release:Tougher prawn import quarantine measures proposed




23 Nov 06

Revised Draft Import Risk Analysis Report for prawns and prawn products

Part A - Summary

Part B - Risk Assessment Report

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44 KB

183 KB

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16 May 06

Revised IRA team me MBership and progress report

Summary of TSV infection challenges

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88 KB

2004/052 Mar 04

IRA team me MBership

40 KB

39 KB

2003/1630 Jun 03Progress report

51 KB

173 KB


2 Apr 03

Bait and Berley Survey of Recreational Fishers

Survey Results

3.5 MB

1.6 MB



25 Jun 02

Quarantine Review: Highly processed prawn products

Interim import conditions

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50 KB

39 KB

29 KB


24 Jun 02

Progress report

75 KB 191 KB


22 Apr 02

Progress report

72 KB 120 KB



25 Mar 02

Non-viable prawn and prawn products - release of progress report

Progress report: Summary of stakeholder responses to draft IRA report for discussion at public stakeholder meetings

72 KB

122 KB

120 KB

187 KB



28 May 01

Importation of uncooked prawn and prawn products: advice on quarantine measures

Interim Conditions

54 KB

28 KB

28 KB

31 KB

2001/067 Feb 01Uncooked (green prawns): tighter import conditions 82 KB 38 KB
2000/5714 Dec 00Uncooked (green prawns): interim conditions 34 KB 21 KB



25 Aug 00

Release of Draft IRA Paper

Draft Report

28 KB

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16 KB

463 KB

2000/197 Mar 00Progress Report 28 KB 19 KB
1999/2011 Mar 99Progress Report 18 KB 23 KB





14 Nov 98

Release of Technical Issues Paper

Technical Issues Paper

Scope and Issues Paper

Annex 1: Review of pathogens of prawns

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886 KB

192 KB

271 KB

17 KB

92 KB

154 KB

211 KB

1998/428 May 98Progress Report 14 KB 18 KB
1998/1919 Feb 98Outcome of an appeal against process 13 KB 15 KB

Reference documents

National survey of bait and berley use by recreational fishers - Report to Biosecurity Australia, AFFA, Dece MBer 2002Kewagama Research

Word 713 KB

PDF 1.67 MB

Sampling size and design details
Excel 291 KB
Sampling imported aquatic animal products for quarantine purposes - a report to AQIS by the National Office of Animal and Plant Health and Food Safety

R. Cannon, M. Nunn, L. Owens and G. Rawlin

msword Word 389 KB
Report on description & processing of ingredients used in the manufacture of prawn feeds
PDF 309 KB
Case Study: Charoen Pokphand Prawn Feed Mill in Samut Sakorn Province, Thailand
Routes for exposure of aquatic animals to aquatic animal products intended for human consumption, Final Report, May 1999
PDF 572 KB
Economic impact of establishment of exotic prawn disease Report for AQIS, April 1999

Dr. Steve Percival (Managing Director, Aquaculture Development and Veterinary Services Pty Ltd)

PDF 377 KB

Environmental impact of the establishment of exotic prawn pathogens in Australia, A Consultancy Report to AQIS from Chris Baldock, Ausvet Animal Health Services, March 1999

Chris Baldock, Ausvet Animal Health Services

PDF 442 KB
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