Shipping and yachting in Torres Strait

​​​​​​Biosecurity laws prohibit the movement of goods subject to import conditions without a permit. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources​ regulates the movement of goods and issues permits when appropriate.

Biosecurity laws and regulations apply to ALL vessels and individuals carrying those goods, no matter what form of transport they use.

Pre-arrival reporting

If you are opera​ting a vessel over seven (7) metres and you have visited or have been operating in Torres Strait you must report to the department using the form below. You must:

​ ​Vessels transiting directly through the shipping channels and not stopping in Torres Strait are exempt from the reporting requirements above.

After reporting to the department you will be issued with a notification number. Please record this number.

Assessment of your goods and vessel

A biosecurity officer will assess your vessel and the goods you are carrying. You may require a vessel inspection in port.

Goods that require an import permit, or need to meet import conditions (such as a treatment) must not be removed from your vessel or taken onto the Australian mainland, unless they are accompanied by a permit or other authority document issued by the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. This also apply to waste. Surrendering goods that would require an import permit or need to meet import conditions will allow you to be free from any further biosecurity requirements. For further information please see Moving goods from Torres Strait.

There are no fees or charges for this specific inspection service in relation to Torres Strait.

Keep a top watch for swarming insects, such as bees or mosquitoes, and ensure your vessel is not harbouring exotic insects or providing breeding sites. Report live insect swarms to the department.