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Animal health laboratories

The Department of Agriculture works with governments, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and private and university animal health laboratories to establish, implement and monitor professional and technical standards for all veterinary laboratories in Australia.

Through best practice veterinary laboratory services we seek to:

  • sustain and improve the quality of Australian livestock and livestock products
  • assure market access for Australian exporters of farm and fisheries products.

Publication of standard laboratory procedures is an integral component of best practice. The department maintains:

Subcommittee on Animal Health Laboratory Standards

The Animal Health Committee (AHC) Subcommittee on Animal Health Laboratory Standards (SCAHLS) provides technical advice to the AHC on terrestrial animal health laboratory issues. With administrative support from our department, SCAHLS coordinates a number of essential laboratory functions agreed by AHC to support Australia’s national animal health system.

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