Changes to the Honey levy and charge

Starting 1 July 2015, the overall Honey Levy rate will increase from 2.3c/kg to 4.6c/kg. The change is attributed to the 0.1c/kg increase in PHA levy and 2.9c/kg increase in EPPR levy to ensure biosecurity preparedness for the industry.

Note: Honey levy payers who submit annual returns will be required to report two separate rates in their 2015 annual return form.

  • 1 January to 30 June, the rate is 2.3 cents per kilogram
  • 1 July to 31 December, the rate is 4.6 cents per kilogram

Honey levy payers who submit quarterly returns should submit these returns as usual with the new rate commencing from the July to September 2015 quarterly return.

For more information please read the information on honey levy​​