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If you require assistance please contact the Levies Online Helpdesk on 1800 022 384​ or email Levies Online.

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Register to lodge your returns via Levies Online

Before you can lodge your first return you must register with the department to receive your unique LRS number. This is a one-off process and is free of charge.

You must have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and an email address to register to use Levies Online. To register, click the Launch Levies Online button above and follow the prompts.

As a first time user of Levies Online, please ensure that you select the correct return period as the system will automatically default to the current period.

Why use Levies Online to lodge your return?

Levies Online provides you with easy and fast access to:

  • Lodge your return through an online interface
  • Manage optional email reminders
  • Update your account details
  • Track your return and payment history for the past 10 years
  • Check outstanding payments
  • Use any unallocated funds towards the payment of a return
  • Request a refund of unallocated funds.

Need assistance lodging your return through Levies Online?


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How to use the grains levy payer register upload template PDF 3956 KB
How to use the grains levy payer register upload template DOCX​ ​3120 KB
How to use the sugar cane levy payer register upload template PDF 2616 KB
How to use the sugar cane levy payer register upload template DOCX​ ​2116 KB

If you have difficulty accessing these files, visit web accessibility for assistance.

Call or email the Levies Online Helpdesk.

Please ensure that you have the correct web address for Levies Online: leviesonline.agriculture.gov.au.

If you experience any problems using Levies Online please refresh the system by selecting F5 for Windows users or Cmd + R for MacOS users, on your keyboard.

Have you lodged your return with incorrect information?

If you have identified an error in your return or in a request for a refund, you should contact Levies Management.

Returns that cannot be lodged through Levies Online

You can lodge your return via Levies Online for all commodities except for those listed below which require you to complete a manual return form.

  • Dried fruits – house packaging
  • Dried vine fruits
  • Egg promotion
  • Farmed prawns
  • Mushrooms
  • Nursery products
  • Pasture seeds
  • Rice
  • Strawberries

Levy payer information

Levy payers can access their information through the Levy Payer Portal.

Protecting your information

Levies Online is password protected. This is because the department understands how important it is to protect your data and has taken all possible security measures to protect this information. However, we also recommend that you consult your internet specialist to ensure you take all necessary security measures when logging on to Levies Online.

The department does not accept responsibility for any loss, disruption or damage to your data or your computer system which may occur while using material derived from this website.