National Residue Survey results and publications

​​​​​​​​​​The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources publishes the results of all animal and plant products tested under the National Residue Survey programme.

Test result information is available through:

  • residue testing datasets, published each financial year
  • summary brochures, which provide an overview of the results and testing methodology.

Residue testing datasets

Animal products

Plant products

Summary brochures 2017-18

Data across all commodities tested is available in the 2017-18 National Residue Survey annual summary brochure.

Commodity specific brochures:

Metals in meat and eggs survey 2009–10

The metals in meat and eggs survey was conducted across 6 participating animal industries, and testing for the presence of 67 routinely and non-routinely monitored chemical elements.

View the results of the Metals in Meat and Eggs Survey 2009-10.