Reviews of the Farm Management Deposits Scheme

​​The National Rural Advisory Council’s Review of the Farm Management Deposits (FMD) Scheme

The National Rural Advisory Council conducted an Assessment of the effectiveness of the Farm Management Deposits Scheme.

The findings were released by the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry on 27 April 2013.

View the full Report on the effectiveness of the Farm Managements Deposits Scheme.

The 2006 Review of the FMD Scheme

A review of the FMD Scheme was completed in November 2006.

The Farm Management Deposits Review was a departmental review which drew upon expert advice where necessary and was conducted under the direction of a high level reference committee comprising officials from the department and related Government agencies; a representative from the National Farmers’ Federation, a representative from the Australian Bankers Association, and an independent member.

The Review reports on the effectiveness and efficiency of:

  • the FMD Scheme in meeting its policy objectives as a tax-linked, financial risk management tool for primary producers, and
  • the scheme’s administration and legislative framework.

View the Executive Summary of the Review