Proposal to harmonise minimum veterinary prescribing and compounding regulatory requirements for veterinary practitioners – Treatment of Livestock


The Harmonised Agvet Chemicals Control of Use Task Group (HACCUT), formerly the Agvet Chemicals Task Group, released the draft proposal for consultation from 26 April to 8 June 2018. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources facilitated consultation on behalf of HACCUT.

HACCUT received 21 submissions. The submissions have aided HACCUT to understand the nuances of veterinary chemical access needs, and the practical issues that need to be addressed for effective harmonisation.

We have provided all non-confidential submissions below. Please note these submissions will be available on our website for an eight week period until 14 September 2018.


DocumentPagesFile size
Australian Dairy Goats Inc. PDF


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Australian Medicines Australia PDF


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Australian Pig Veterinarians PDF 10549 KB
Australian Pork Limited PDF 2130 KB
Australian Veterinary Association PDF 13416 KB
Commercial Poultry Veterinarians and Australasian Veterinary PDF 8282 KB
Ebuta Goat Dairy PDF 5401 KB
Goat Veterinary Consultancies PDF 6752 KB
Roger Sawley PDF 7273 KB
Ross Cutler and Associates PDF 8282 KB
Stephen Page PDF 3230 KB
Stock Feed Manufacturers’ Council of Australia PDF 3542 KB
SunPork Farms PDF 12303 KB
Ted Whittem PDF 7271 KB
The Veterinary Manufacturers and Distributors Association Ltd PDF 6840 KB

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Next steps

HACCUT will take on board stakeholder comments and concerns in revising the proposal. A finalised proposal is expected to be presented to the Agriculture Senior Officials Committee for consideration by the end of the year. Additional consultation may also be undertaken.