​​​Productivity growth is important for lifting profitability of the agriculture industry or raising farmers’ income, and maintaining international competitiveness of Australian commodities.

The main responsibilities of the Productivity Section include measuring and reporting on productivity of Australian agriculture. It also undertakes economic research on factors that affect the productivity performance of cropping, livestock and other industries in agriculture.

Recent research

Our report into research and development funding in Australia’s agricultural industry looks at how both private and public sector investment is growing the building blocks for long-term research.

The latest Agricultural productivity estimates and trends provide insights into Australia’s beef, sheep, cropping and dairy industries.

ABARES’ labour force survey investigates the use of hired labour, recruitment experience and expected future requirements for farmers.

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Agricultural productivity in the media

Family farms: outperforming corporate in operating returns – Weekly Times, 10 August 2017

Last reviewed:
21 Sep 2017