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Agricultural commodities

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Up-to-date data and information

ABARES commodity forecasting and analysis provide up-to-date data and information on Australian and world markets for agricultural commodities. Detailed assessments on the outlook for Australian agricultural commodities are disseminated via ABARES’ flagship publications, Australian Crop Report and Agricultural Commodities. The statistical compendium Agricultural Commodity Statistics provides useful information for decision-makers to monitor industry developments over time.

Australian Crop Report

Australian Crop Report is a quarterly report with a consistent and regular assessment of crop prospects for Australia’s major field crops. It includes forecasts of area, yield and production and a summary of seasonal conditions on a state by state basis.

Agricultural Commodities

Agricultural Commodities is a quarterly report that provides forecasts for the major agricultural commodities produced by Australian farmers. The March issue of the quarterly contains a five year medium term outlook while the subsequent June, September and December issues provide updates of the short term outlook.

Agricultural Commodity Statistics

Agricultural Commodity Statistics is a compendium of historical statistics covering the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sectors.

It provides a set of comprehensive statistical tables on Australian and world prices, production, consumption, stocks and trade for a range of rural commodities. The report also contains statistics on farm inputs, food production and trade, agricultural water use and macroeconomic indicators.



Farm production value forecast to rise in mixed agricultural outlook
The value of farm production is forecast to $61 billion in 2018–19, well above the10-year average of $55 billion (in real terms), according to ABARES’ Agricultural Commodities: June quarter 2018.

Slight decrease forecast for Australian winter crop production
Winter crop production is forecast to fall in 2018–19 to 37.7 million tonnes, with canola and chickpeas forecast to decrease, while wheat and barley production is forecast to increase. – Australian Crop Report, June quarter 2018

Last reviewed:
19 Jun 2018