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Late boost to winter crop production

Favourable seasonal conditions in spring and early summer have resulted in the 2017–18 winter crop harvest exceeding expectations in some key growing regions of Western Australia, Victoria and South Australia, according to the February 2018 Australian Crop Report. Released 13 February 2018.

What difference does labour choice make to farm productivity and profitability in the Australian horticulture industry? A comparison between seasonal workers and working holiday makers

A report by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) has assessed the contribution of working holiday makers and workers from the Seasonal Worker Programme to Australian horticulture and found each group offers unique advantages to employers. Released 6 February 2018.

Robust growth in the value and production of Australia's fisheries and aquaculture industry

The gross value of Australian fisheries and aquaculture production (GVP) increased by 9 per cent to $3 billion in 2015-16, according to the ABARES Australian fisheries and aquaculture statistics 2016 reportReleased 20 December ​2017.

Latest Agricultural commodities report reveals a mixed forecast on farming front

Poor climate conditions in grain-growing regions have contributed to the gross value of farm production being forecast to reach $59 billion in 2017-18, down seven per cent from a record of $63 billion in 2016-17, according to ​Agricultural commodities, December quarter 2017. Released 12 December ​2017.

Latest crop report reveals lower than average yields

Prospects for total winter crop production in Australia have fallen slightly during spring, due to the varied condition of crops and mixed seasonal conditions, according to the Australian crop report released today. Released 5 December 2017.

Estimating the impact of a Xylella incursion in Australia

A Xylella fastidiosa incursion could cost Australia’s wine grape and wine-making industries up to $7.9 billion over 50 years, according to a new ABARES biosecurity economics report​. Released 23 November 2017.

Snapshot of Australian agriculture reveals record production in 2016-17

Our latest map of Australia’s agricultural industries shows cotton was the highest revenue​ crop per tonne produced and per hectare sown in 2015-16, while sugar cane was the highest yielding per hectare. Released 21 November 2017.

Updated mapping provides status of land use in Australia

Over 585 million hectares, or 76 per cent, of Australia’s land use mapping information has been updated for the Catchment scale land use of Australia – Update September 2017. Released 14 November 2017.

Vegetable industry cash income rates highest in a decade

Increased production levels per farm and higher market prices for produce led to improved income levels for vegetable growers in 2015-16, according to ABARES’ latest vegetable industry survey. Released 14 November 2017.

Another great year for Australia's forestry sector

Our Australian forest and wood products statistics: March and June quarters 2017, report shows the forestry industry is now in its fourth consecutive year of growth. Released 7 November 2017.


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16 Feb 2018