Moreton Bay catchments

Moreton Bay Catchments - map 

Moreton Bay Catchments—map (PDF - 619 KB)

About the catchment

The Moreton Bay catchment of South East Queensland stretches from the Queensland–New South Wales border, north to Noosa and west to the Great Dividing Range.

The region occupies approximately 22 700 km2 and includes 14 major river catchments in six drainage basins: South Coast; Logan-Albert Rivers; Brisbane River (the largest basin which includes Bremer, Lockyer and Stanley sub-catchments); Pine River; Maroochy River; and Noosa River.

The City of Brisbane, near the heart of the catchment, is the largest urban area. There are other large urban areas on the coast, such as the Gold Coast and Maroochydore, while Toowoomba on the western boundary of the catchment is the largest inland town.

Values to be protected

Aquatic ecosystems; wildlife habitats; primary, secondary and visual recreation; industrial use; oystering; seagrass; aquaculture; drinking water supply; cultural heritage; irrigation; stock watering.

Ramsar site

  • Moreton Bay
  • Breeding grounds for dugongs, turtles, migratory wading birds

Water quality issues

  • Point source pollution
  • Non-urban diffuse source pollution
  • Water sensitive urban design
  • Protection and conservation
  • Coastal algal blooms

Key water quality improvement projects

  • Water Quality Improvement Plan for Moreton Bay—The South East Queensland Healthy Waterways Strategy 2007-2012, which consists of 12 action plans, as well as an overview and a summary.
  • Moreton Bay Water Quality Offsets Scheme
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design

Key stakeholders/agencies

  • South East Queensland Healthy Waterways Partnership
  • Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management