Adelaide Port Waterways (Barker Inlet & Port River)

Adelaide Port Waterways - map 

Adelaide Port Waterways—map (PDF - 220 KB)

About the catchment

The Port Waterways catchment consists of the Port River, North Arm, North Arm Creek, Angas Inlet and Barker Inlet.
It is wholly contained within the Adelaide Coastal Waters catchment and occupies small areas of the Gawler River and Torrens River drainage basins.

Values to be protected

The Port Waterways are areas of major ecological, commercial, cultural and recreational importance to the Adelaide region and to South Australia.

Water quality issues

There are two main point sources that contribute to nitrogen and phosphorus loads to the waterways—Penrice Soda Products and the Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plant.
The Port River-Barker Inlet system is of major ecological importance, supporting commercial and recreational fisheries, resident bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) and important bird habitat.

Key water quality improvement projects

  • Port Waterways Water Quality Improvement Plan

Key stakeholders/agencies

  • South Australian Environment Protection Authority
  • SA Water
  • Penrice Soda Products
  • Department for Environment and Heritage South Australia