Australian Water Partnership

The Australian Water Partnership (AWP) offers a unique opportunity to bring together the Australian development and water sectors under a long-term strategic engagement framework.

By sharing its experiences from three decades of water reform, and from learning to manage water as a scarce economic good, Australia can:

  • help international partners to develop a better understanding of their sustainable water resource base
  • implement robust basin-scale planning
  • enact governance reforms supported by innovative policy and legal frameworks
  • strengthen institutions and build professional capability
  • develop water-sensitive cities
  • improve water quality and ecological health
  • manage demand and improve water use effic​iency, in a variable and drying climate.

The AWP was established in May 2015 with an initial Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade investment of $20 million over 4 years.

The AWP will seek co-investment collaborations with its international partners and may also incorporate fee-for-service activities where appropriate. See Australian Water Partnership for details.