Queensland Upper Condamine Alluvium Groundwater Purchase Tender

The tender opened at 9.00 am Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) Thursday 19 April 2018 and will close at 3.00 pm AEST Tuesday 31 July 2018.​​​​​​​

A tender is currently open for the purchase of groundwater licences held in the Queensland Upper Condamine Alluvium for:

  • all four sub-areas of the Central Condamine Alluvium Groundwater Management Area​
  • Dalrymple Creek Alluvium Groundwater Management Area
  • Oakey Creek Groundwater Management Area.

The Request for Tender, Tender Application form and Draft Contract are available for download below. To inform your decision on whether to participate in this tender, a fact sheet and a summary of the Department’s independent market valuation report are also available below.


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Tender objectives

Tenders to purchase groundwater licences held by the department are helping to deliver the government’s commitment to bridge the gap of the groundwater sustainable diversion limits in the Basin Plan.

The tenders held in sub-areas 1–4 in the Central Condamine Alluvium Groundwater Management Area, Dalrymple Creek Alluvium Groundwater Management Area and Oakey Creek Groundwater Management Area aim to protect the long-term productive base of the aquifer, consistent with the groundwater sustainable diversion limits set by the Murray–Darling Basin Plan.

The groundwater purchased does not contribute to the 2750 GL​ surface water recovery target​ ​as set out in the Basin Plan.

Evaluation of applications

Tenders received by the end of each Tranche Submission Period Closing Date will be evaluated in the relevant Tranche Evaluation Period as set out in the table. Everyone who participates in the tender will be advised in writing of the outcome of the evaluation in the Estimated Date of Outcome Notification as outlined in the table.

Tranche numberTranche Submission Period opening dateTranche Submission Period Closing DateTranche Evaluation PeriodEstimated Date of Outcome Notification
19 am AEST 19 April 20183 pm AEST 31 May 20181 June – 15 June 201818 June 2018
23:01 pm AEST 31 May 20183 pm AEST 28 June 201829 June –13 July 201816 July 2018
33:01 pm AEST 28 June 20183 pm AEST 31 July 20181 August – 15 August  201816 August 2018

Applications pursued by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources will be subject to a legal due diligence review before a contract of sale is executed.

Volume of water recovered

A formal addendum to the Request For Tender will be issued on this page as soon as reasonably practicable after the evaluation of Tenders is completed for each Tranche Submission Period, which will advise of any updates to the remaining available volume and budget for the subsequent tranche.  Tenderers should bear this in mind when submitting a Tender.

Please monitor this page to stay informed about recovery requirements.

Maximum price

The Department has published the maximum prices that it is willing to pay for eligible licences in each sub-area in the Central Condamine Alluvium Groundwater Management Area, Dalrymple Creek Alluvium Groundwater Management Area and Oakey Creek Groundwater Management Area in the Request for Tender above (page 8).

To support the department’s maximum prices, a summary of the independent market valuation report is below for your reference.


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Valuation Re​port Summary PDF​ 19628 KB

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Future updates

The Department may publish on this website the following information within 42 days of entering into each contract:

  • Contract exchanged date
  • Successful Tenderers names
  • Contract value (AUD)
  • Contract volume (ML), and
  • Locality (Closest town, Groundwater Management Area and Sub-Area).

More information

For more information, please contact the Department on:

Email: Water Purchasing
Phone: 02 6272 2004