Invasive Plants and Animals Committee

​​​​​​The Invasive Plants and Animals Committee (IPAC) is a cross-jurisdictional sectoral sub-committee of the National Biosecurity Committee (NBC). The committee is responsible for implementing the Intergovernmental Agreement on Biosecurity (IGAB) and providing policy and technical advice to the NBC on national weed, vertebrate pest and freshwater invertebrate pest issues.


The principal focus of IPAC’s activity is to provide a national mechanism for identification and resolution of government policies on weed, vertebrate pest and freshwater invertebrate pest issues on behalf of the NBC.

IPAC has identified 11 priorities for 2015-16.

Terms of Reference

Ensure an integrated and effective national approach to the prevention and management of issues and problems associated with vertebrate pest animals, freshwater invertebrate pests and weeds by reporting to and advising the NBC on:

  1. National policy and planning solutions for vertebrate pest animals, freshwater invertebrate pests and weeds.
  2. Development of policies and monitoring of performance for national vertebrate pest animals, freshwater invertebrate pests and weed issues relating to implementation of the IGAB.
  3. Implementation, evaluation and review of the Australian Pest Animal Strategy (APAS) and Australian Weeds Strategy (AWS).
  4. Promotion and adoption of the principles of the APAS and AWS by key stakeholders (industry, the community, natural resource managers and government).
  5. Development, coordination and delivery of nationally consistent approaches for vertebrate pest animals, freshwater invertebrate pest and weed management in Australia.


Membership comprises representatives from the Australian, state and territory primary industry or environment departments. Representatives from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Plant Health Australia, Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences, the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre and New Zealand are observers on the committee.

IPAC is supported by a number of technical groups to advise it on technical matters. These include the Weeds of National Significance (WoNS) Expert Group, the Weed Incursion and Containment Expert Group, the Vertebrate Pests Incursions Expert Group, the Research, Development and Extension Expert Group, the Freshwater Fish Expert Group and the Established Pest Animals of National Significance Task Group.


A representative from the states and territories chairs the committee on a rotational basis. Mr Will Zacharin from Primary Industries and Regions South Australia currently chairs IPAC. 


The Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources provides secretariat services for the Invasive Plants and Animals Committee.

Meeting arrangements

Face-to-face meetings of IPAC are convened twice a year. The committee also convenes through teleconference as needed.

Parent committee

IPAC is a sub-committee of the NBC and reports through the NBC to the Agriculture Senior Officials Committee and the Agriculture Minist​ers Forum.

IPAC communiqués

Key issues considered at previous IPAC meetings are outlined in the communiqués listed below.

Please note that IPAC did not release a communique for meetings 1, 2 and 3. A decision was made at IPAC 4 (November 2015) to publish communiqués.  ​