Agricultural Export Regulation Review discussion paper, consultation and submissions

​​​​As part of its consultation process, the department released a discussion paper in July 2015 to help guide discussion of what future regulation could look like.

Public comments and submissions on the discussion paper have now closed.

The department prepared a report, published in May 2016, summarising the views that stakeholders expressed during consultation.

Key ideas heard during consultation included:​

  • The current level of export regulation should be maintained as it is necessary to protect market access and Australia’s international reputation as an exporter of high quality agricultural products.
  • Improvements could be made to the export regulation by
    • more closely aligning requirements with importing country requirements
    • increasing flexibility through outcomes based regulation to deal with the differences in commodities and export markets and enable future advancements
    • increasing opportunities for government-industry cooperation
    • reducing complexity and duplication between export regulations and other Australian standards
    • strengthening regulation in specific places, for example increased compliance options.

Key suggestions relating to non-regulation issues included:

  • reducing duplication in export processes, for example, through third party recognition
  • improving departmental systems and services to make them flexible, easier to use and responsive to commercial requirements
  • using open and clear two-way communication between the department and exporters
  • working with states and territories to share information and reduce duplication.

Thank you to those who provided comments, views and information to the department during this process.

The department has prepared a fact​ sheet explaining how the department has taken this information into account and how it will develop and implement improvements to the legislation.

The following list contains links to submissions received for the Agricultural Export Regulation Review.