Questions and answers

​​​These Questions and answers are a guide only. It is recommended that you also refer to the ACACA guidelines for definitive information. Applicants may not be required to complete every section of the online application form. The online application form will generate relevant sections based on answers given to previous sections.


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When is the opening and closing dates for applications?

The opening date for applications for this grant opportunity is 13 February 2018 and the closing date and time is 4:00 pm ACT Local Time on 13 March 2018.

How much funding can I apply for?

Funds available for this grant opportunity are a total of $55,000 inclusive of GST.

There are two funding streams in the current round: one stream for projects (stream 1) and another stream for trade missions (stream 2).

Applicants can only apply for a maximum of $40,000 GST inclusive for a project (stream 1) and a maximum of $15,000 GST inclusive for a trade mission to China (stream 2).

Applicants can apply for both a project and a trade mission to China. Refer to question 14 below.

All funded activities under both streams must meet program objectives and priorities.

Funds are limited under this program and meeting eligibility or merit criteria does not guarantee funding. Due to the competitive, merit-based process, there may be only one recipient per stream of funding.

How do I access information and the application documents for this grant opportunity?

The GrantConnect website contains the Australia-China Agriculture Cooperation Agreement (ACACA) program grant opportunity guidelines (the ACACA guidelines), the online application form and other relevant information about eligibility and the application process.

Applicants may access this information by visiting the GrantConnect website and registering as a new user, or if you are an existing user, login to your profile.

Image showing the link to register as a new user on the GrantConnect website. 

Click the red ‘View All’ button in the Current Grant Opportunities box on the GrantConnect main page to view current Grant Opportunities (referred to as ‘GO’ on the GrantConnect website) advertisements—the ACACA GO should be on the page that opens after you click the View All button.

Image showing how to view current grant opportunities on the GrantConnect website. 

Alternatively, you could search for ‘agriculture’ or ‘trade’ by clicking on the magnifying glass icon and entering these terms which will also guide you to the ACACA GO.

Once you have found the ACACA GO, click the ‘Full Details’ in red text to open the GO in full. Click the ‘GO Documents’ red button on the left hand side of the advertisement to access the ACACA guidelines, these FAQs and other relevant documents.

Please note that you will need to register as a new user or login if you are an existing user before you can access the ‘GO Documents’ on the GrantConnect website. 

How do I access the application form?

The application form is accessible at the bottom of the ACACA GO advertisement on GrantConnect—please scroll all the way to the bottom of the ACACA GO page entitled ‘CURRENT GRANT OPPORTUNITY VIEW’.

At the bottom of the page there will be a link to the application form next to the heading ‘Instructions for Lodgement’.

Image showing how to view current grant opportunities on the GrantConnect website. 

How do I open a new form or reopen a saved form?

To open a new online application form or return to a saved form, click on the link at the bottom of the GrantConnect webpage under the title Instructions for Lodgement. Once the form has been opened, applicants returning to a saved form must select Resume a saved form at the top of the webpage and a pop up box will open to input your tracking code. Your saved form will open. The tracking code should have been emailed to you the first time you opened and saved a new application form online.

I have did not received the email with a tracking code, what should I do?

If you did not receive your tracking code via email, we recommend you check your junk mail box in the first instance. Please note the tracking code is the same as the submission reference ID.

You may need to check your security settings to ensure the auto emails generated from the reply email address are not blocked by your servers.

After you have checked all of the above and cannot locate your tracking code, please contact the ACACA Program Administrator (phone: 1800 019 193 or email ACACA) with the name of your organisation and your registered email address.

Can I print my application?

Applicants cannot print their application prior to submission. Do not attempt to Print or Print Preview as this will cause the entire application to refresh and you may lose entered content if it is not saved. This is a function of the new standard online application form used for all types of Australian Government grant applications which cannot be amended.

One option may be to print screen each section and save separately for your own reference.

Once submitted, a copy of the completed application form may be downloaded, printed and/or emailed to the applicant.

Existing grant recipient

How do I know if I have an existing Organisation ID?

You may have been issued an Organisational ID if you have applied for or received a grant by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources within the last twelve months (grant recipient).

Only select Yes if you know your Organisational ID, input the number and select Verify number. The form should automatically generate your organisation/applicant details.

Select No if you are a grant recipient but do not know your Organisational ID, and complete the applicant details section.

Select No if you are unsure whether you need to update your organisation/applicant details.

Regardless of whether you select Yes or No, your applicant details will be used to check for your existing details after the form has been submitted.

Applicant details and eligibility requirements

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What if I do not know my ABN?

If you are unsure of your Australian Business Number (ABN) look up your organisation on the Australian Business Register website. Once on the Australian Business Register website, applicants can search based on the organisation’s name.

What if I do not have an ABN?

For the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to pay grant monies under the ACACA Program, an ABN is required.

If you are an individual, capable of entering into a legally binding agreement, but do not have a registered ABN, you will not be eligible for a grant under this program.

What if I cannot validate my address?

Not being able to validate an address via the online application form does not affect the submission of an application, but please ensure that your address details are entered correctly. If you cannot validate your physical address, click the Unable to validate check box underneath the address field.

For the purposes of applying for an ACACA grant, a physical address must be used and a post office box cannot be used in your application.

I do not have a landline but this field is mandatory, what should I do?

Applicants who do not have a landline phone number should enter their preferred contact number (i.e. a mobile number) in the relevant field. If you only have one preferred contact number you should enter it in both fields.

How do I know if my project is eligible?

The GrantConnect webpage contains the ACACA guidelines, the online application form and other relevant information about eligibility and the application process. Please see FAQ 1 for more information about accessing the ACACA guidelines.

For a guide to what constitutes a project under stream 1 and or a trade mission under steam 2, please refer to the ACACA guidelines.

Can I apply for both streams (projects and trade missions) in the same application form?


You may select both streams in all online application forms you complete. You will need to provide details for both streams and any relevant documentation as required by the form.

May I apply for project funding if my project is ongoing?

Yes however the application must still meet all the requirements set out in the ACACA guidelines, including the provision of a project plan with measurable milestones and outcomes and commence and conclude on a date within the calendar year that the funding is granted.

ACACA cannot pay for retrospective activities—please see question 16.

My project or trade has already commenced and/or concluded, can I apply?

Funding for retrospective projects or trade missions cannot be paid to a grant recipient under the ACACA Program. Projects and trade missions for this grant opportunity must commence and end in the calendar year that funding is granted after the agreement has been entered into.

Financial viability and governance

Why do I need to supply this information?

If you are unsure if you or your organisation’s financial or litigation circumstances should be disclosed here, please seek financial and/or legal advice. You are welcome to contact the ACACA Program Administrator to discuss.

Activity details and 'coverage areas'

I want to undertake a project in China—why can I only select Australia as my Coverage area?

The online application form is the new standard form used for many types of Australian Government grant applications and the form could not be amended to include China in the coverage section. The only Coverage Type available to select is State (automatically generated) and the only Available Coverage area to select is Australia. Please select these options—this will not affect your application.

You will have the opportunity later in your online application form to specify the details of your project or trade mission, including travel details if relevant.

Area financials

Do I need to provide details of any additional funding I am using or require?  

Yes. Please list any contributions (including commercial borrowings, donations and co-contributions). This includes not only other grants but any contributions from you, your organisation or an external individual or organisation to the project and/or trade mission. This information must be disclosed by an applicant in order to assess.

Selection criteria

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Can I type my application in a word processor, then copy and paste?

Yes. You may copy and paste text only into the text boxes however it will automatically delete any text which goes beyond the character limit specified for a particular question. Please note that text will lose all formatting when pasted to the text box.

What if I cannot view a selection criteria response after opening a saved form?

The selection criteria box may shrink when opening a saved form. While the text is captured, you may be unable to view the full written response.


Image showing the response to selection criteria field in the application form on the GrantConnect website. 

The issue can be resolved by pasting the selection criteria response (text) back into the text box. To copy and re past the text:

  1. Click your curser next to the first word
  2. Use Ctrl + a (to highlight all the text)
  3. Then Ctrl +c (to copy the text)
  4. To ensure all text is copied, paste it into a word processing document
  5. Delete all text from the Application form field. This will allow the field to expand.
  6. Then use Ctrl + v to paste the text back in.


Is it a requirement to upload a document under each number in the attachment section?

It is mandatory to upload a document for each section. The question numbers in this section relate to distinct attachments referencing selection criteria.

Each attachment must be a different document or a different title. The form will not allow the same document to be uploaded twice with the same title. If you need to upload the same document under two different attachments you will be required to change the name of one document.

If you do not have all the documents at the time of submission you can Save and Exit the application and upload them at a later time.

What if my attachments exceed the maximum of 2MB?

If your attachments are too large you will be required to delete the corresponding attachment and re-try with a different document. Zip files will not be accepted, only pdf or word attachments.

If there are any major issues concerning document size, please contact the ACACA Program Administrator (phone: 1800 019 193 or email ACACA).

Contacts and referees

Will my referees be contacted concerning my application?

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources may contact your referees to validate some parts of your application.

It is recommended that you advise your referees that you have applied for a grant under the ACACA Program and that they may be contacted by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources as part of the assessment process.


Will I have an opportunity to review the entire application before submission?

Please review each section of the application form by navigating through the Information to Declaration sections at the top of the screen.

Once you have completed and submitted the application form, the form will automatically point out anything missing from the application before it will accept the submission.

Submission received

Will I receive notification of successful submission?

Yes. You should receive email confirmation of your submitted application. If you do not receive confirmation, we recommend you check your junk mail in the first instance.

You may need to check your security settings to ensure the automatic emails generated from the reply email address are not blocked by your servers.

It is recommended that you download and save a copy of your submitted form for your own reference, along with emailing a copy when prompted to do so immediately after submission.

You will not be able to view your online application form again using the tracking code/submission reference ID once you have submitted it.


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Can I save information into the application form and revisit it later?

Yes. You can save, exit, edit and submit an existing application before the grant opportunity close date. All applications must be submitted by the time and date (the close date) on the GrantConnect website advertisement.

Saved applications can be accessed by opening the application form link and selecting Resume a saved form at the top of the page. This option will open a dialog box prompting the applicant to enter their tracking code, after entering the code select Confirm to open an existing application.

The tracking code is the same as the submission reference ID received when starting an application. The submission reference ID is emailed to the registered email address when the applicant saved the application.

Can I share my application form?

Yes. Uncompleted forms can be shared via two methods:

  1. Email: by forwarding the URL link emailed to the nominated email address provided when the applicant first began completing the form. This link will allow other staff to access the saved application
  2. Using the Tracking code: before beginning the form, applicants are provided with a tracking code (also known as a submission reference ID), this can be used by other staff to access the saved form to complete/edit responses. Additional staff are reminded to press Save before exiting and only one user can access the form at any given time.

If you wish to share this form and the access details, please ensure that only one user at a time is accessing and saving information. If more than one person is accessing the form at any given time you risk losing information.

Can I track the progress of my application after submission?

You will not be able to track the progress of your online application after submission.

The ACACA guidelines at part 3 and part 15 advise the decision and notification to applicants of the outcomes of this grant opportunity will occur in May 2018 after all applications have undergone assessment, internal and external consultation, endorsement from China and ministerial approval.

How do I withdraw my application?

If you wish to withdraw your application from the round after submission, please contact the ACACA Program Administrator.

Can I edit or add information to my application after submission? 

No—You are unable to access the online application form after it has been submitted.

Can I submit an application after the due date? 

No—Applicants need to apply online before the closing date.

The department may consider the submission of late applications under extenuating1 circumstances, provided an alternative time frame is agreed before the closing date. Requests for an extension should be made via email to the ACACA Program Administrator before the closing date. Only those requests which the ACACA Program Administrator has replied by email granting an extension before the closing date will be valid extensions.

1 Extenuating circumstances refers to circumstances out of the applicant’s control.

I have a question that is not answered here, where can I get more information?

Please contact the ACACA Program Administrator (phone: 1800 019 193 or email ACACA).