Tips for using the Cargo Online Lodgement System (COLS)

​Submitting your lodgement correctly:

  • For timely responses, please use one method per lodgement (either COLS, email or front counter)

Submitting your lodgement in COLS correctly:

  • For Dual Entries using COLS, please submit only one ’New Request’
  • The following goods are defined as ‘urgent’:

Emergency Response Aircraft (e.g. Firefighting Helicopters)

Airfreight arriving within 24 hours

Seafreight arriving within 48 hours

Perishable Seafreight

Perishable Airfreight

Live Animals

Genetic Material

Urgent Medical / Emergency Freight

Hazardous Materials

Bulk Vessels

Previously Assessed Freight

Completing information in COLS:

  • Providing the URL in the BICON link will ensure that officers understand the assessment pathway you used during their assessment of your documentation 
  • Please pro​vide Sites operating under an Approved Arrangement​ to avoid unnecessary delays in the assessment of your documents
  • For directions to be sent to a 3rd Party, please enter their relevant email details via the “Client” screen
  • Please provide the Import Permit number in the “Documentation” screen. Full copies of Import Permit documents are not required.
  • Please use the “Additional Information” section to clarify any additional information submitted within your documentation

Attaching your documents into COLS:

  • The file size limit per lodgement is 8.0 megabytes. If you have any documentation that exceeds this limit, please use the “Add Documentation” option
  • Attach documentation to COLS lodgements as individual PDFs, JPEGs or TIFs. Do not attach the whole email with attachments as COLS will not recognise the files within the email.  
  • It is recommended that original documentation is scanned in high resolution to assist in identifying security features for assessment purposes
  • Unless requested, the following documentation will not be necessary for assessment purposes:
    • Broker’s invoice to lines reports
    • Manufacturer’s Declarations for goods impediment free (not subject to biosecurity​/imported foods)
    • Import Permit documentation (number required only)