Minimum System Operating Requirements


These requirements may vary depending on which Internet Browser you have installed on your computer.  Please contact your IT service provider for any assistance.

To ensure all of the functionality available within COLS delivers optimum performance, you will need at a minimum:

  • A computer
  • Access to the internet
  • Internet Browser:
    • Internet Explorer Version 8
    • Mozilla Firefox Version 27
    • Google Chrome  Version 32

Quick Functionality Test

You can perform a quick test of the functions built into COLS by visiting the following page (please click on the below link).

Cargo Online Lodgement For​m –  System Requirements Test

1. Select the Add Documents icon

Cargo Online Lodgement System Add Documents icon

2. Check your screen; if your screen appears as below then your Internet Browser is configured to be able to attach documents

If the attachments dialogue box appears, your internet browser is configured to be able to attach documents

3. If your screen does not appear as above please contact you IT service provider for support in configuring your Internet Browser Java settings.