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47-2017 - Maritime Arrivals Reporting System Offline Forms Updated

​1 May 2017

Who does this notice affect?

This notice is of interest to all vessel masters and shipping agents who represent international commercial vessels for the purposes of Australian biosecurity clearance.

Which forms have been updated?

The pre-arrival reporting forms for biosecurity clearance have been updated. The four updated forms are:

  • Pre-Arrival Report (PAR)
  • Non-First Point of Entry Application (NFP)
  • Ballast Water Report (BWR)
  • Human Health Update.

What has changed in the forms?

The changes to forms include: shipping agency details of agencies who have registered recently; new non-first points of entry; and minor title changes to the request for a ship sanitation inspection.

What do you need to do?

The updated forms are to be used from Monday, 8 May 2017 for submission into MARS. They are available now on the department’s website for you to download, ready for use on 8 May 2017. It is important vessel masters and shipping agencies use the new forms as this will minimise errors when submitting the information into MARS.

Where can I find the forms?

The forms are available on the department’s website at MARS offline forms.

Further information

Contact the department’s Maritime National Coordination Centre by email to the MNCC or phone 1300 004 605 (in Australia) or +61 8 8201 6185 (outside Australia). Information and further supporting materials can be found on the department’s website under Vessels.