State specific guidelines

State specific guidelines provide information on the laws in force in the place of harvest to assist processers to carry out due diligence obligations.
The guidelines have been designed to identify the key documents you could utilise to assure yourself that the raw log is low risk of being illegally logged.

New South Wales State Specific Guideline

Queensland State Specific Guideline

South Australia State Specific Guideline

Tasmania State Specific Guideline

Victoria State Specific Guideline

Western Australia State Specific Guideline

For further information on how the laws operate and whether they affect your business, you can contact the department via:

  • phone the department during business hours on 1800 657 313 or if outside of Australia +61 2 6272 3933
  • email Illegal logging
  • subscribe to the illegal logging mailing list to stay informed of the release of any new information or guidance materials or any upcoming information events