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​​​​Reforming Australia’s Illegal Logging Regulations – Regulation Impact Statement (RIS)

The Australian Government​ has published the final RIS. Find out how we are improving our illegal logging laws.​

Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, November 2016

In November 2016, the department published the “Reforming Australia’s illegal logging regulations—Consultation Regulation Impact Statement” (RIS). This sought public feedback on six options to improve the operation of the Illegal Logging Prohibition Regulation 2012.

The options considered included: continuing with the status quo; changing the consignment value threshold; removing personal imports from the Regulation; and creating new deemed to comply arrangements for timber legality frameworks; Country or State Specific Guidelines; and low-risk countries.


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Reforming Australia’s illegal logging regulations – Consultation Regulation Impact Statement PDF 572 MB
Reforming Australia’s illegal logging regulations – Consultation Regulation Impact Statement DOCX​ 573 MB

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The department accepted submissions to the consultation process until early January 2017. A total of 46 submissions were received.

Some of the submissions have not been made available due to confidentiality reasons. Submissions which were not published are denoted as *NFP (not for publication). Some parties asked us not to be identified in their submission and are represented as an ‘anonymous submission’. We also removed information (e.g. a person’s name) from anonymous submissions.

Submissions made public by the Department are provided below. Submissions are listed alphabetically.


DocumentPagesFile size
Anonymous Submission 1 (18 November 2016) *NFP--
Anonymous Submission 2 (20 December 2016) PDF 2208 KB
Anonymous Submission 3 (13 January 2017) *NFP--
Australasian Paper Industry Association PDF 1166 KB
Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) PDF 12602 KB
Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) PDF 3398 KB
Australian Furniture Association PDF 13493 KB
Australian Timber Importers Federation PDF 71.o MB
Canadian Forest Service, Government of Canada *NFP--
Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union PDF 2395 KB
Customs Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia Inc. PDF 1425 KB
Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, United Kingdom Government *NFP--
Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia PDF 4164 KB
Forest Trends PDF 9676 KB
Forestry, PIRSA, South Australia PDF 1211 KB
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Australia PDF 3364 KB
Furniture Cabinets Joinery Alliance Ltd PDF 4293 KB
Hinrichs, Thorsten (Germany) PDF 264 KB
IKEA Distribution Services Australia Pty Ltd PDF 1268 KB
Law Council of Australia PDF 281 KB
Master Builders Australia PDF 8280 KB
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland PDF 1241 KB
Ministry of Agriculture, Agri-Food and Forestry, France PDF 1168 KB
Ministry of Economic Affairs, Netherlands *NFP--
Mortim Timber Distributors PDF 41.0 MB
NEPCon PDF 11660 KB
New Zealand Forest Certification Association Incorporated PDF 4308 KB
New Zealand Institute of Forestry PDF 12201 KB
NewsMediaWorks Environment Advisory Group PDF 3469 KB
NSW Business Council PDF 7395 KB
Paper Force (Oceania) Pty Ltd PDF 2459 KB
Papua New Guinea Forest Authority PDF 2686 KB
Papua New Guinea Forest Industries Association PDF 5570 KB
Responsible Asia Forestry and Trade Partnership PDF 7587 KB
Solaris Paper Pty Ltd PDF 1440 KB
Steve Mitchell Associates PDF 4436 KB
Swedish Forest Agency PDF 2793 KB
Synod of Victoria and Tasmania, Uniting Church of Australia, the Center for International Environmental Law, Greenpeace Australia Pacific and the Environmental Investigation Agency (Joint Submission) PDF 27331 KB
Tetra Pak ​Oceania PDF 1266 KB
Timber NSW PDF 4356 KB
Timber Merchants Association Victoria *NFP--
To, Phuc (Vietnam) PDF 2193 KB
VicForests PDF 2348 KB
Victorian Association of Forest Industries PDF 6108 KB
Wood Processors and Manufacturers’ Association of New Zealand PDF 3460 KB
WWF Australia PDF 5419 KB

These submissions were not prepared by the department and may not meet Australian Government accessibility guidelines. If you require an accessible version of a submission, please contact its author.