​​​ The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources is responsible for administering the Illegal Logging Prohibition Act 2012 and the Illegal Logging Prohibition Regulation 2012.

Compliance assessments

Compliance assessments continue to be undertaken by the department with a view to raise awareness and educate the regulated community on how to comply with Australia’s illegal logging laws.

Businesses contacted by the department will receive a Request for Information Notice, which asks them to provide information about their due diligence practices and how they are applied. Businesses will need to provide the requested information by the date stated on the Notice.

We will then provide feedback to the businesses about where their due diligence practices meet the requirements and where improvements (if any) are required to ensure future compliance.

Penalties apply from 1 January 2018

From 1 January 2018, businesses and individuals who import regulated timber products into Australia, or who process domestically grown raw logs, may face penalties for failing to comply with the illegal logging laws’ due diligence requirements.

This will end the previous introductory ‘soft-start’ compliance period, during which the department issued no penalties for breaches of the due diligence requirements.

Further information about the due diligence requirements can be found on the Information for Importers and Information for Processors.

Voluntary assessments

We understand that some entities may need assistance to adjust their practices to meet the due diligence requirements.

If you would like to volunteer for an assessment of your due diligence practices, please contact us by email at illegal logging compliance.

The department is here to help you comply with the illegal logging laws. Taking part in a voluntary assessment will allow us to provide you with feedback on your practices and where any potential improvements can be made.

What to do if your business is approached for an assessment

If you are sent a Request for Information Notice, you will need to prepare a response and provide it to us by the date outlined on the Notice.

The Notice will state which business has been selected for the assessment and also lists the type of information you will need to provide us.

Further compliance related information

Compliance advice notices are issued by the department as common issues and advice is identified. These notices outline what the department considers to be acceptable practice for specific situations.

A report has been prepared by the compliance division outlining findings from our initial assessments in 2015/2016.

The department has also released our compliance plan and statement which outline the department’s approach to managing compliance with the illegal logging requirements.


DocumentPagesFile size
Illegal Logging Compliance Statement PDF 111.05 MB
Illegal Logging Compliance Statement DOCX 111.05 MB
Illegal Logging Compliance Plan 2017 PDF 13980 KB
Illegal Logging Compliance Plan 2017 DOCX 131.05 MB
Illegal Logging Compliance Program Report PDF 341.18 MB
Illegal Logging Compliance Program Report DOCX 34536 KB

If you have difficulty accessing these files, visit web accessibility for assistance.

More information

For further information on how the laws operate and whether they affect your business, you can contact the department via:

  • phone the department during business hours on 1800 657 313 or if outside of Australia +61 2 6272 3933
  • email illegal logging
  • subscribe to the illegal logging mailing list to stay informed of the release of any new information or guidance materials or any upcoming information events.