Research into alternatives to the use of 1080


As part of the Tasmanian Community Forest Agreement (signed on 13 May 2005), the Australian Government provided $4 million to develop and implement a coordinated research, field testing and demonstration program into practical, effective and financially viable alternatives to 1080 for control of browsing animals on private forest and agricultural land in Tasmania.

The aim of the alternatives to 1080 program was to make sure that strategies or treatments were thoroughly assessed, providing effective alternatives for land managers. An independent review has been conducted into alternatives to 1080 as well as extensive consultation with a Stakeholder Advisory Group and Technical Panel in the development of a strategic plan.

The alternatives to 1080 program was finalised in May 2011 when a Final Report was released. The report and further information can be found on the Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment website.

Media releases and speeches by former Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries can be located at Pandora - Australia's Web Archive

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